Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Most Extensive Emoticon Range Ever Created


Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2016 --CKSocialmedia, an innovative duo with a passion for emoticons, has designed and developed the most extensive collection of emoticon stickers available to date, emotikidz®. They have just announced the launch of their fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in order to raise the necessary funds to finish their app and make emotikidz® available to everyone.

Emoticons have long been a favored mode of self-expression on digital platforms. Until now, however, they haven't been able to fully capture the sense of individuality and creativity that users crave because of a lack of variety and depth to the emoticon characters. The range of stickers created by developer team Chad Mathews and Kari Mac of CKSocialmedia is set to revolutionize the way emoticons are perceived and used.

No longer will they provide a generic signature on text messages and social media. With emotikidz®, users will be able to 'complete their picture,' virtually having the power to tell a unique story through the brief, highly digestible digital communications that are so popular today.

Users can download the app, available for Android and iOS, and instantly have access to over 1,500 digital stickers through their device's keyboard. These expressive emoticons can then be used on messenger, MMS, photos, lock-screens, videos, and more.

With the push of a button, the entire range can switch between male and female versions, offering even more possibilities for users. The app efficiently organizes the stickers into convenient categories, including 'naughty,' 'nice,' 'fitness,' 'food,' and 'travel,' making it easy to find the perfect sticker to use.

CKSocialmedia has been working on emotikidz® since 2013, when the idea was first conceived. Already, most of the development and production work has been completed. The creators are asking for supporters to help them finish the app and bring it to the market. The funds raised will be directly used to purchase plugins, licensing, and graphics, and to finalize the application. With a flexible goal of $10,000, they will be able to share their creative collection of emoticons with the world.

For $2, pledgers will receive 1500+ Emotikidz stickers, with an estimated delivery timetable of December of this year, and another 20 exclusive stickers for sharing a purchase on Facebook to help promote the campaign. For those supporters who are interested in literally becoming a part of the project, the Immortalize Me pledge option allows backers to create their own emoticon based on a personal photograph.

To learn more about emotikidz® or the campaign, or to make a pledge, visit the Indiegogo page.