Indiegogo Campaign Launches a Leap in off Grid Gear in Time for National Preparedness Day

LEAP Off Grid Gear™ are newly created palm-sized tools for off grid power and hydration. The Campaign team seek to raise $20,000 to help bring their innovative products to market.


Beaumont, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2015 --The makers of LEAP Off Grid Gear™ ( ) have created a series of modern solutions for today's preparedness. They believe that single-use disposable batteries and bottled water have modern preparedness limitations. Disposable batteries can't power a smartphone and the weight and bulk of bottled water foster emergency sustainability and mobility challenges. Leap Brands was formed to utilize today's technology to create new hydration and energy gear designed for greater mobility, sustainability and off grid power.

The Indiegogo Campaign launch ( was timed to coincide with National Preparedness Day on September 30th, 2015. The feature campaign reward perk is an 84-function off grid preparedness kit that is about the size and bulk of a 6-pack of single-use bottled water. Among the featured products in the kit is an automated off grid hydration tool offering push-button steady-streamed water filtration and showering capabilities. It combines modern 3-stage water filtration advances with progresses in rechargeable battery technology.

The 2-ounce replaceable Ultra filter efficiently removes cryptosporidium, giardia, bacteria, tastes, odors and other potential contaminants from source water. Each filter yields up to 250 gallons of filtered water before requiring replacement. This pump can be recharged in two hours just like a smartphone using any USB charge port. To recharge the pump, smartphone or other 5V USB mobile devices when off the grid the kit also includes a folding 5V 12W Solar panel. The included Power Bank allows users to harvest and store this solar energy.

New hybrid JUICE® Replay™ batteries and chargers were created to replace disposable AA, AAA, C or D size batteries. The JUICE® Replay™ batteries and JUICE® USB Smart Charge system merges the convenience of yesterday's disposable batteries with the rechargeable power of modern mobile battery technology. The result is as follows:
- No need to precharge the batteries as they are ready to use right out of the pack.
- JUICE® Extreme Replay™ batteries can power higher-drain portable devices up to 4 times longer than most regular alkaline batteries with each usage.
- Can be recharged and replayed again up to 1,000 times or for about 5-years.
- Recharge in 40-Minutes with JUICE® USB Smart Charge technology.
- Recharge at any Computer, Wall, Car, Power Bank or Solar USB charge port.

The Solar Panel, Power Bank and JUICE® Replay™ batteries and Smart Charger combine to offer years of renewable off grid energy to power most any modern mobile device. Together with the hydration and other tools LEAP OFF GRID™ seeks to offer today's consumer greater off grid mobility and sustainability. The design and prototyping has been completed. The Indiegogo Campaign was launched to help fund the initial production run and offers products from this anticipated production run as the reward perks to its campaign backers.

About Leap Off Grid Gear™
Leap Off Grid Gear™ is an upcoming consumer product line designed to offer modern off grid recreationalists, travellers and emergency preparedness consumers alike greater mobility and sustainability choices through its new palm-sized tools. Leap Brands Inc. was formed to make and market this new line of off grid gear with a mission to create compact multi-function tools that are built to last and to replace disposable product technology to help reduce the oceans of plastic in the seas and mountains of derbies in our landfills. The mission statement is simply "Disposables will get you from A to B but LEAP OFF GRID GEAR is designed to help take you almost anywhere!"

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