Indoors Camping Creates Family Memories with Newly-Launched Headlamp on Amazon


Chester, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2016 --Want to spend more time with the kids? Does it feel like they are asking to go camping all year round? To make new family memories that don't involve extreme camping in harsh weather or going through the hassle of an outdoor setup, consider fun, casual indoor camping.

Indoor camping can be just as fun as outdoor camping, and sometimes, it's even better! Kids can have access to everything they need, including the bathroom, the kitchen, and more, and also have everything they need for a campout. Setting up a tent can be quite easy, just use blankets and pillows to make a fort. Even some of the all-time favorite camp out foods can be done indoors, make S'mores, hot dogs, and other traditional recipes.

Implement fun activities and make sure that everyone gets involved. Play hide-and-seek, make it a creative unforgettable experience by turning off the house lights and get everyone equipped with a LuxoLite headlamp. Create stars on the ceiling by cutting a star in a sheet of paper and projecting it on the wall with the help of a head flashlight, no need to spend money on a projector.

Finish the night off by telling stories and dimming the light progressively preparing the kids to go to sleep and use the red light to preserve night vision. The most precious memories can be made with the children by enjoying a simple but fun indoor camping experience. While it might seem silly or just too easy, the kids will remember it for a lifetime. The time set aside to spend time with them won't be forgotten.

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