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Infinite Diam, the Diamond Specialist, Launches New Online Jewelry Shop, Galith


Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2018 --Infinite Diam, under the vision of founder Patrick Saada, has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years. From the mining to manufacturing to trading of diamonds, Infinite Diam has been heavily involved in the diamond industry, cementing its name with clients all over the world. Now, it has launched an online jewelry shop as well, Galith.

The well-known company Infinite Diam came about through the vision and the dream of Patrick Saada, its founder, who has dedicated his life to the finding, collecting, trading, and manufacturing of diamonds. Infinite Diam has its main offices located in Israel, but its expertise and commitment are well-known around the globe, having dealt with numerous clients from different countries and having been involved in the opening of Koidu, Sierra Leone's biggest kimberlite diamond mine as well.

As Infinite Diam adds, "With (a) currently diverse interest in the diamond mining sector, our founder Patrick Saada acquired his knowledge between 2007 and 2013. He was during this period actively involved (in) and responsible for the development of Koidu, the largest kimberlite diamond mine in Sierra Leone. He has been exposed to all the facets of an industrial extractive operation including geology, mining, metallurgy, and engineering."

Aside from mining, Infinite Diam, through Patrick Saada, is also a global leading player when it comes to the manufacturing of diamonds. "Unlocking value – our unique position in the rough diamond pipeline allows us to carefully select special stones and transform them into some of the most beautiful gems," confirms Infinite Diam.

Perhaps due to this manufacturing expertise, Infinite Diam has decided to branch out and develop its very own jewelry brand, Galith, with the skill and know-how of Patrick Saada's own daughter, whose name, Galith, was taken for the jewelry brand.

About Galith
Galith specialises in diamond engagement rings, of course, but it also specialises in other kinds of jewelry, from rings to earrings and necklaces and bracelets. The Galith brand, under the helm of Infinite Diam and with the help of Infinite Diam founder Patrick Saada, has direct access to some of the most beautifully manufactured precious stones in the world, since, as mentioned, one of Infinite Diam's primary business activities is the manufacturing of diamonds as well. Infinite Diam sources the most beautiful stones in the world and transforms them into works of art, which are now only available at Galith.

Patrick Saada, the founder of Infinite Diam, has been involved in the trading, mining, and manufacturing of diamonds for many years. To learn more about Infinite Diam's services and the Galith brand of jewelry, visit the website.