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Infinite Diam, with Founder Patrick Saada at the Helm, Launches New Brand of Jewelry


Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2018 --Infinite Diam has already established itself as a leading player in the diamond sector with its involvement in diamond mining and manufacturing as well as diamond trading. Today, Infinite Diam has expanded its reach with the launching of new jewelry brand Galith, under the expertise of the daughter of Patrick Saada as well.

Infinite Diam has been heavily involved in the diamond industry since 2013, when its founder and leader, Patrick Saada, opened its doors to diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing. Patrick Saada himself boasts of a long-held expertise in the business, having been involved in the Koidu development from 2007 to 2013. As diamond experts and specialists will confirm, Koidu is the biggest mine for kimberlite diamonds in Sierra Leone. Because of Patrick Saada's involvement with Koidu, he was able to acquire a genuine knowledge in the different facets and processes which make up an industrial operation for extraction, and this includes mining as well as geology, engineering, and metallurgy.

Aside from mining, Infinite Diam has made a name for itself in diamond trading. Infinite Diam describes its trading expertise in more detail: "The company DNA is run off mined rough diamond distribution. On a monthly basis, a highly specialized team with decades of experience in the rough industry is sourcing, preparing and marketing accurate assortments to its regular customer base. Our aim is that our diamonds reach the best-suited customer in order to optimize the production value."

But now, the expertise of Infinite Diam has been extended even further – into the realm of jewelry. Under Galith, the new brand launched by Infinite Diam and the daughter of Patrick Saada, also named Galith, customers can avail of the best diamond jewelry they can find anywhere, with reasonable prices as well.

Galith was formed by Galith, who was exposed to the wonders of diamonds from a young age. She studied to become a gemologist at the prestigious GIA and then spent some time learning about the industry through her own father's company. Because of this exposure and her own family's passion for the stone, Galith decided to launch the jewelry brand with the help and guidance of Infinite Diam. Since Infinite Diam is directly involved in the mining and manufacturing of diamonds, it makes complete sense that Galith was established. With Galith and Infinite Diam's partnership, anyone can have access to the finest diamond jewelry at any time.

About Infinite Diam
Infinite Diam was founded by Patrick Saada in 2013, and it has been a leader in the diamond sector since then. For those who are interested to find out more about Patrick Saada, Infinite Diam, and Galith, visit the website.