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Influx of Sharks and Flesh-Eating Bacteria Still Affecting Florida Beaches

What You Need to Know About Florida’s Coastal Waters


Pensacola, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2019 --You've probably noticed the rapid increase of "too close for comfort" shark footage that is constantly circulating the news and social media. Are the waters overpopulated with sharks or is there another reason why more and more sharks are venturing closer to the coastline?

Consider these two factors—surfboards now have Go-Pro camera attachments, and anyone can fly a cheap camera drone over the open water to get capture a birds-eye-view of what's swimming just below the surface. It makes sense that everyday beachgoers and tourists are capturing these close encounters more frequently, but the awareness certainly doesn't bring any peace of mind to those who want to take a quick dip in the Gulf or those who want to float on a 7-foot piece of fiberglass to catch a wave.

As if the coastal creatures weren't a big enough fear factor to keep people from venturing out further than knee deep water, what's with all the "DEADLY FLESH-EATING BACTERIA" news? Are Florida beaches safe for swimmers and surfers or not? Have there really been fatalities just from contact with the coastal water?

Even before the plethora of Go-Pro clips and drove shark footage, a local from Cocoa Beach was terrified of the water—the dark abyss—the unknown. For most of her life, she couldn't bring herself to enjoy the water because of the overwhelming fear that swept over her. But at forty years old, Lea finally had enough and began a quest to conquer her greatest fear.

Surfing the Sea of Chi is the true story of how Lea Williamson applied the practice of Tai Chi to surfing lessons in order to face her life-long fear of the open water. Her debut novel encapsulates her personal journey but focuses on teaching others how they can conquer their fears by using the same Tai Chi and qi gong methods that she used to conquer hers. Intense focus, breathwork, simple motions . . . and the physical and mental phenomena as to why it eliminates fear.

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