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Infocabs Has Built Next Generation Taxi Dispatch Software


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2015 --In today's age majority of taxi companies relies on taxi dispatch software systems. Some have been using dispatch systems for more than 15 years. Companies that use these systems are finding that these systems are adding efficiency and saving time and cost for both customer, drivers ultimately the Taxi Company themselves. These companies have realised what an important part these systems play to expand business and grow revenue.

Infocabs is an industry leading taxi dispatch software system supplier in the UK. Using years of customer feedback and research they have developed a taxi dispatch and booking system that provides all the tools that a modern taxi business needs. Bringing tangible benefits while at the same time elevating pains of Taxi booking operators drivers and business owners.

From the start Infocabs focus has been to help Taxi companies by adding efficiency and advanced features of the software and cut any extra costs associated with traditional solutions like expensive hardware and with flexible software that is hard and expensive to update or customised to individual business needs. Infocabs goals from the start has been to make its system easy to adopt and install and is built to cater for the needs of fleets of any size.

Infocabs doesn't bind its customer like other suppliers in the market by selling them branded and outdated in car hardware devices. During their research they found that customers wanted reliable solutions that we easy and cheap to replace and therefore have built their solutions to work with off the shelf smartphones as this reduces the cost of ownership for taxi companies. Another benefit of this is that suppliers like Samsung and HTC spend vast amounts on their R&D efforts that can be leveraged by Infocabs and its customers. The Infocabs solution works on all brands of Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. This has allowed taxi companies that use their system to grow without fear of burdening hardware costs.

Looking into the habits of customers Infocabs was one of the first solution providers to also offer "In Car Payment Solution" so a taxi company can easily cater a cashless passenger. Passengers can pay using their debit/credit cards.

Infocabs has also made it easy for a Taxi Companies and their customers to book a journey by providing them with Advance Web Booking and White Labelled customer's apps for Android and iPhones. By providing multiple ways to book and backed by their brilliant customer support Infocabs ensures worry free dispatch software.

About Infocabs
Infocabs doesn't just provide dispatch software systems, but also helps a Taxi company by providing them with business insight which has all the features that are required to enhance a taxi business and grow their profits. Such as Advance reports, SMS Marketing Module and Unique Customer profiling, Business Accounts Management, and Business Performance dashboards and Business Rules. This allows a taxi company to define their business strategy and plan and execute their plans and ultimately monitor business performance and growth.

The biggest advantage that Taxi Companies that are Infocabs customers enjoy is the amount of customisable features that are in the system. Like any progressive business Infocabs works hard with its customer base to add new features all the time and where required, add bespoke features in order to give their customers a tool that is second to none in the industry.

The Infocabs philosophy can be summed up by listening to their CEO who states: "We believe that we can help a taxi business to grow by providing them with a tool kit which includes all the traditional taxi booking and dispatch software along with all the features required in the future in order to allow a Taxi Company to focus on managing and maximise their revenue.

We don't want to help a company today – we want to be there for them for tomorrow and years to come!

So Join us and Rise above the rest!