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Infomercial Network "Save Money Make Money"

‘Infomercial Network’, an Incredible Technology that Simulates Online TV Viewership in Mobile Devices via Apps or Web


Alpharetta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2017 --Today, a media company specialized in Video content publishing, television, websites and broadcasting network announces the launch of its latest innovation, 'Infomercial Networks', designed to replace the traditional television needs with an app in smart devices. 'Infomercial Networks' is a technology that allow users to get full and real-time television experiences on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

According to our team of developers, "With the number of handheld or personal mobile-ready devices shooting to through the roof, the new TV is not hanging from the wall but in the palm of a person's hand actively streaming content on a multitude of diverse interest anytime and anywhere. Informercial Networks was designed to fill all the "As Seen On TV" needs in a app with the benefit of free interest alerts to Save Money and Make Money".

As a rare addition in today's digital and media industry, Infomercial Networks transformed DRTV to "Direct Response Interactive Video" DRIV for the purpose of providing interactive shopping experience and getting first-hand infomercials of money making opportunities for the purpose of saving and making money. The DRIV button has some unique advantages that gives an excellent user interface; Users can make purchases immediately, see more products on the website, get more information about products, promote a location, access twitter feeds, get real time interest notifications and create their own contents.

According to a customer, "Info Network is really amazing app, it has really helped me in my digital and affiliate marketing business. I follow all my online deals real-time and get timely information that helps me make production decisions when I need to. My profits has increased tremendously" she concluded.

The app is available for free download at App store and Google play.

The DRIV button has 7 "Unique Interactive Advantages"

1. DRIV Buy - Purchase Immediately
2. DRIV Website - See More Products
3. DRIV Info - Info About That Products
4. DRIV Map - Promote A Location
5. DRIV React - User Generated Content
6. DRIV Twitter Feed - Lower 3rd Trailer
7. DRIV Alerts - Realtime Interest Notification 

About Infomercial Networks
Infomercial Networks is a media company committed to delivering top-notch technology to distribute and monetize contents. Their mission is to give users control over your content, data and revenue with the world's smartest technology and empower them to create their own worldwide broadcasting network.

Infomercial Networks
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