Inforanjan Announces the Launch of Online Magazine for Public Contribution

Inforanjan is delighted to announce that it is open for content submissions from writers around the world.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2021 --Inforanjan is delighted to announce that it is open for content submissions from writers around the world. The magazine seeks to invite talented writers to contribute to this online publication. It aims to showcase a wide array of well-written and researched content for its readers.

This magazine's major benefit is that it will keep all the avid readers up to date with the latest trends and technology related to but not limited to health and lifestyle. Besides, it is meant to be a great platform for writers where they can showcase their skills and get their message across on the forum of a rapidly increasing audience.

The Inforanjan magazine has two goals: to provide authentic, informational, and engaging content, whether fictional or non-fictional. Secondly, it strives to become a place where writers can express themselves. The magazine accepts various writing style submissions, whether articles, fiction/stories, memoirs, or reviews.

The magazine explicitly covers social topics and psychology-related information and resources pertaining to real-world scenarios and how they affect our role as parents and in other relationships. The parenting section has a helpful series called "Mom's Diary," which talks about the journey of getting through lockdown as a family.

A spokesperson for the magazine says, "We pride ourselves on the articles we publish on Inforanjan. They are well-researched and thoughtfully curated. Our website and our team offer an attractive space for writers to build their portfolio".

"We recently gained DMCA protection for magazine contents. This means that a writer's intellectual property will be protected," he added.

Inforanjan also covers topics about women's health and mental health. These can include taboo issues such as pregnancy, menstruation, and postpartum depression. Furthermore, they touch on issues such as dealing with loneliness and rejection.

This is a great opportunity for all the wordsmiths to work more closely with our editorial team and reach a larger readership through our platform. They will also have the chance to write in a diverse range of topics and categories on a protected website.

Writers looking to share their opinions and build their portfolio can find more information on contributing to Inforanjan following this link

About Inforanjan
Inforanjan magazine was founded in November 2019 and funded through Sangwan Infotech's support (, thereby energizing people around the globe with informative and entertaining articles. Inforanjan's focus is to engage readers with insightful tutorials and tips pertaining to every facet of life. The digital web publication is available in English and Hindi stream.