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Information.com Launches a Nationwide People Search Directory

Information.com People Search is now helping users to find valuable information about other people they met both online and offline.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2018 --Social media websites have made it possible for people all across the United States to meet each other and develop friendly, professional and also romantic relationships. However, the boom of social media has left many people exposed to fraud, and some even got physically and mentally hurt by strangers they met online.

Information.com's People Search is now helping users to find valuable information about other people they meet both online and offline.

Redefining a People Search Service

Public records in the United States make it possible to access criminal records, contact information and even the social media information of people all across the United States. A physical search for such records is often time consuming, but information.com is offering an online people search service that is fast and easy to use.

By entering the first name, last name and state of residence of the person in question into the directory on the website, information.com users can discover important social and contact information, arrest records, social information and much more.

The accurate information found in the directory allows users to find out more about people they meet in different circumstances and learn if they any problems that are a cause for concern and even learn if they are lying about who they are.

Along with the people search directory, information.com also features additional sections that are updated every day, such as a reviews section, a deals section, a products section, a finance section and a buzzing section that offer a complete online experience for shopping, tips and entertainment.

An unclaimed money section: https://information.com/unclaimed-money

Searching for information about people can help assess them and their intentions, and with information.com, users can find valuable details about others.