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INK Games and Crowdcreate Announce Strategic Partnership


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2020 --INK Games, the gaming initiative of technology startup InfluenceInk, and Crowdcreate are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining INK Games' digital gaming expertise with Crowdcreate's industry-leading growth marketing services. 

With social media and influencer engagement playing an increasingly important role in digital game success, companies recognize the need to create compelling, income-earning opportunities and vibrant branding for influencers and social users to connect with. 

The partnership brings together the deep game design and social-network driven platform monetization skills of INK Games' executive leadership and Crowdcreate's track record of raising $130 million across over 80 successful client projects using influencer outreach and crowdfunding. 

"We've worked with thousands of influencers around the world, and what INK Games is building is incredibly empowering," said Jeffrey Maganis, Co-Founder at Crowdcreate. "With INK Games, anyone can take their following and get paid from it. Our network of influencers and investors can become a critical part of the build from the start."

Utilizing pre-existing global relationships with top-tier gamers, live streamers, and strategic investors, Crowdcreate will be making introductions for the INK Games team in an effort to garner industry visibility and generate marketing momentum, according to Maganis.

According to INK Games' CEO, Robert Towles, "Users and influencers are hungry for a simple way to monetize their social networks in a fun, easy-to-use, mobile experience." 

"Our technology – including a proprietary payment algorithm that grows social connections and income generation – and Crowdcreate's reputation in the influencer and game communities, are perfect complements for launch momentum and sustainable growth."

The team at Crowdcreate operates one of the largest networks of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter influencers, with 2.3 billion views and over 4 million subscribers across a variety of channels. Notable success stories include driving $5 million and three of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for Anker, the largest electronics seller on Amazon. As well, the firm supported Bezant, a P2P lending platform, with the fastest token raise in Asia's history. The company raised $18 million in just two hours. 

"Social signals, buzz and virality are cornerstones of a game and reward platform's growth," said Towles. "With Crowdcreate and INK Games, we have great technology and great reach. A future where users have a gamified platform to connect, play and earn is tantalizingly close."

About INK Games
INK Games targets gamers, online users and social influencers. The company is building a first-of-its-kind game platform where users can "buy" territories in the form of postal codes, which represent ownership in the platform's gaming universe. As the company builds games — and launches other game publishers' games on the platform — users will share in the economic activity of users, activities, and assets inside their territories.
The company's aim is to build engaging, digital games that incentivize user sign-ups and reward influencers for their role in building game communities, while providing an economic reward to users for their ongoing participation. For more information visit 

About Crowdcreate
Crowdcreate is the #1 community management and growth marketing agency according to Forbes. The company helps clients build introductions to investors, influencers, thought-leaders and target market customers. 

Alongside many of the world's top technology, consumer products, blockchain and real estate companies, they have successfully raised over $130 million across 80 projects and have been featured in Forbes, CNBC and Huffington Post. For more information visit