Vista Fintech

Innovative Blockchain Investment Project by VISTA Fintech


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --VISTA Fintech is launching a new financial project based on blockchain technology. This new Application is effective, risk-free, cost-saving which offers an unprecedented opportunities for global investors.

For a very long time, reconciling within asset trading process is slow, ineffective and complicated. Record tracking is a very heavy work load which involves a lot of resources to accomplish. VISTA Fintech's Application will greatly improve the trading processes by utilizing a fully-automated trading protocol. This protocol introduces a new trading experience which is full of openness, transparency and accuracy.

This application synchronize all trading data using blockchain technology. Every involved parties are able to access to the relevant records, Tampering of record is nearly impossible to be done. All of these improvements put financial investment into a new age which may even remove all intermediaries eventually.

Blockchain was first introduced as of BitCoin. After all these years, there are still critics on the security and reliability. However, every new idea/tech needs time to prove itself, we'll see what and how blockchain participants are capable to accomplish in changing our world.