Innovative Children's Learning Center Launches iFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign


Vienna, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2020 --Among children currently entering kindergarten, 65 percent will one day have jobs that don't currently exist. Despite this, the core curriculum in early childhood education programs rarely updates to accommodate these changes. This leaves children ill-prepared for their future studies and careers. The IDEAS Children Center is hoping to fund the construction of its campus to offer a new, innovative solution to these issues in early childhood education.

The plan for the IDEAS Children Center has been developed over years of research by passionate professionals. This program would support brain development in children through curiosity, exploration, and the incorporation of the outdoors. The funds raised in the iFundWomen campaign will go towards the construction of the IDEAS Woodbridge Campus. The campus would be located on 4.74 acres in Woodbridge, Virginia. While the meticulous planning process is complete, the crowdfunds would allow the team to go beyond the site plan approval. The campus would be able to host 200 students ages 2 to 6.

The construction of the campus would include multiple labs and studios to introduce students to 10 thematic subjects. These thematic subjects are Science, Art, Technology, Music, Engineering, Language, Lego, Drama, Math, and Cooking. Having such a diverse curriculum allows children to learn visually, linguistically, technologically, artistically, and kinetically. Many of these subjects and learning styles are neglected by the average early childhood education program, and IDEAS Children is here to offer an alternative.

The team of researchers, planners, and educators behind IDEAS Children are hoping to raise $100,000 by February 28 of this year. With an environmentally friendly focus, they're offering several rewards for multiple tiers to thank their contributors. Rewards include a social media shoutout and a handwritten note at $20, handmade coasters at $30-$50, a reusable water bottle at $100, and a tote bag at $200.

Those who contribute $500 and more will get an invitation to the grand opening ceremony and a kit with all the aforementioned customized rewards. Contributors who pledge $800 or more also get guaranteed enrollment at the Woodbridge Campus with no registration fee. Finally, $1000 contributors will have a plaque dedicated to them, their family, or their company to be displayed in the campus lobby. For those passionate about early childhood education, IDEAS Children is a prime opportunity to make a difference while getting high-quality rewards in return.

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