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Innovative Clothing Line Advance Apparel Releases Futuristic Clothes Controlled by App

Latest innovative clothing line, Advance Apparel, has come up with app-integrated garments that allow one to control the cloth’s functionality through the app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2016 --With so many apps dedicated to online shopping for clothes, how about an app that lets one control the apparel itself! This is no clipping from an edgy science fiction flick. It's an innovative apparel line called Advance Apparel that has created futuristic app-integrated garments that allow the user to change the color of the cloth through one touch on the mobile app. Until now, there hasn't been a cooler fusion between fashion and technology. The Advance Apparel mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

"We are committed to developing innovative clothing that can enhance the everyday life of the masses. We are glad to introduce our app-integrated futuristic Glow Application garments where you have apps to control the clothes. Simply power the apparel by loading the app, select your desired color from the app, and then have your clothes 'colored up' in any shade you want just with a single click on our application." stated a leading spokesperson from Advance Apparel.

Markus Fung is the man behind this next-gen clothing line who is also the inventor of these state of the art never seen before app-integrated garments. Standing tall at the forefront of innovative wearable technology, Fung is aimed to revolutionize the conventional fashion industry through an infusion of cool technologies.

A company representative said, "We are an edgy research, engineering and design company driven by the mission to offer technological solutions and innovations to regular life experiences. Our products are not just innovative, they are also stylish and are sure to impress everybody worldwide. We are here to enhance our users living standard through our revolutionary yet affordable releases."

Fung along with co-founder Michael Pae and their team have come up with a wide variety of dresses in various lengths. Also, there are never seen before innovative auto-sensing cooling and navigation jackets for both men and women that are currently available at the company's official website and Indiegogo.

With a color-blocked design and cutting-edge technological backup, the cooling jacket is the first one in the world with the exclusive ability to detect the body temperature and provide cooling automatically as needed. The jacket can also be manually controlled through three-speed variables such as low, medium or high. It comes with a couple of cooling fans near the waist area and can run for 4 hours at a stretch on high mode with one 12W battery.

"Our futuristic navigation jacket is something seen for the first time in the global fashion world, and it boasts the unique ability to seal in heat inside even when its wet, courtesy its insulated polyester fabric. Water-repellent and windproof, this innovative release even comes with a solar panel so that you can recharge your electronic goodies through it whenever you wish to, even on a cloudy day. So, next time you are out on some exciting adventure, don't worry if you forget your charger."

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