Innovative Education Company Announces Launch of First-Ever Technology Consignment Program for K-12 Schools

Education company, Nobi has announced the launch of their innovative technology consignment program for K-12 schools. The first of its kind, the program can boost the return up to 30% more than traditional buyback programs.


Lake Bluff, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2015 --Technology has become an important learning tool in today's schools. Studies have shown that the advantages of using technology are many, including better engagement and motivation, increased family involvement, more advanced communication and interaction as well as the application of real world skills. As more schools integrate technology into their curriculum, there is an increased need for purchasing and selling back student-used devices. Traditional buyback companies maximize their profits by offering the lowest possible purchase rate and school budgets are impacted negatively. Nobi's technology consignment program was created to eliminate the middleman and provide up to 30% more revenue back to the schools.

Sales Manager, Alex Chase said, "When it comes time to sell your classroom technology, we help K-12 school districts get the most money back."

An added benefit that Nobi's program provides is that schools can sell all of their devices at once or in blocks during the year. Nobi also offers affordable insurance for iPads through the year with low deductibles.

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About Nobi
Nobi, headquartered in Lake Bluff, Illinois, is an education company that specializes in buying back technology from K-12 schools. The company recently announced the launch of their innovative technology consignment program which can put 30% more revenue back into school budgets.

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