Innovative High Performance Cat Litter Box, Boxscoop 2.0, Launched on Kickstarter Today


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2018 --Boxscoop 2.0, a modern litter box that out performs automatics, launched on Kickstarter today – complete with a built in litter mat and modern aesthetics.

In addition to quick cleaning, Boxscoop is designed without seams, corners or crevices so it's a synch to keep sanitized and it pays for itself with efficient litter use.

"There is a fine balance between integrating a litter box into our homes and having it ethical and comfortable for our cats" says James Leech, the creator of Boxscoop. "Too many cats are given up because of litter box issues and too often those litter box issues stem from unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions."

In creating Boxscoop, James designed the container to work with the natural circular movement of cats, so they have equal distance in all directions to turn. The top cover is designed with openness so cats can feel unconstrained while providing superior litter tracking reduction than typical enclosed systems.

"Boxscoop is effective because it's ergonomic for cats and cleaning is 100% chore free. It's hard not to maintain fresh odor free litter" explains James. "The benefits of having a clean litter box extend far beyond odor control. Your cats will have a healthy environment and the bacteria spread throughout your home is greatly reduced or eliminated."

Boxscoop started shipping in July and sold out in 10 weeks. James says bringing a new product to the market was a challenging endeavor but the constant stream of positive feedback and lack of adequate solutions inspired them thru and thru. One of their biggest early supporters was Purrwood forest cat sanctuary who purchased 12 and provided great feedback on the benefits for their no kill cat sanctuary.

"Deni and Aaron at Purrwood are just great people. They genuinely care about rescue animals. They found and purchased our product and then took time from their busy lives to make a detailed video review praising it; how cool is that!" James said, adding "we never anticipated Boxscoop to be used in a commercial cat sanctuary setting; but inspired by the success at Purrwood, we have added some sanctuary tailored packages, priced below our cost. As we gain funding, we aim to donate further to great organizations."

In a world geared towards increased complexity this ingenious product is taking a step back and focusing on the perfect blend of simplicity and performance.

For more information about Boxscoop 2.0 litter system, or to take advantage of discounted pricing during crowdfunding, visit the Boxscoop 2.0 campaign page on Kickstarter.