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Innovative, Multifunctional Planner for Busy Moms Launches on Kickstarter

IQbook saves time and sanity making room for the important things in life.


Clearwater, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2018 --Good news for busy moms everywhere: an innovative new way to help moms stay organized is launching on Kickstarter. The IQbook is a multifunctional organizer that allows moms to keep all of their tasks and tools in one spot.

There aren't many people who are busier than moms. Between kids' schedules and care, family responsibilities, meal planning and, for many, work, there doesn't seem to be enough time, or energy, to get everything done. Many moms end up feeling disorganized, frantic and guilty that they aren't giving their best to anything or anyone.

The IQbook was designed with today's mom in mind. Founder Ksenia Kondrat created the IQbook out of her own challenges with managing multiple schedules and responsibilities. "Moms today have more on their plate than ever before," Ksenia says. "I myself was struggling with keeping everything organized. I searched for a single solution that could help me stay organized in all areas of my life and couldn't find one. So I created one myself."

The solution Ksenia and her team developed is the IQbook. The IQbook combines several organizational tools into one, making planning and tracking activities and tasks easier for moms on the go. The IQbook includes a sturdy, protective cover with an inside zipper and pockets and a variety of timesaving and organizational tools, including:

Daily Planner

The daily planner allows you to track work tasks, home and personal tasks, monthly fitness progress, party/meal planning, shopping lists, notes and more. The planner comes with 6 months of pages. Additional blank pages are available for purchase.

Digital Pen

Use the digital pen just like a normal pen to write down items in the planner. This pen is different, however. It has a recording function so you can record notes and ideas on the go, as well as an mp3 player to allow you to listen to music, podcasts and more. An earphone jack makes this digital pen the ultimate multipurpose writing utensil!

Earphone Holder

Store your earphones right inside the cover so you never have to search for them or find them tangled up at the bottom of your purse again.


The pen includes a USB so you can connect to your computer to download your notes or upload music or podcasts.

Easy Access Wallet

A built-in wallet keeps your credit/debit cards, cash and drivers' license in one convenient spot, at your fingertips.

Power Bank

Never run out of phone batteries again with this built-in Power Bank, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can fully charge your device two times before needing to recharge your IQbook.

Privacy Lock

A combination lock keeps your personal information, items, notes and planner safe from prying eyes.

With all of these multiple tools enclosed in a convenient cover, the IQbook can even eliminate the need to carry a purse. Imagine that!

The IQbook is ideal for busy moms who:

- Always find that their devices have run out of batteries.
- Carry heavy purses weighed down with their phone, pen, planner, headphones, wallet and more.
- Get anxious about planning meals or parties.
- Can never find anything in their purse.
- Constantly lose track of their "to do" and grocery lists.
- Don't have a good place to capture ideas and notes to revisit later.
- Never feel like they have everything under control.

The IQbook will retail for $138 but Kickstarter supporters benefit from early bird pricing and extra rewards, starting at $59.00. To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, visit:

About Scetro
Scetro is a division of Things on the Go, LLC, an e-commerce company based in Florida. Things on the Go products can be found online in the US and Europe on Amazon, Jet, Ebay and more. As a working mother of two children, founder Ksenia Kondrat felt guilty about not having enough time to spend with her family. She tried different planning techniques to make better use of her time to handle work and home life. Unfortunately, no system seemed to work. In 2017 she took matters into her own hands and created her own. The result? A new brand, Scetro, was created with its first product the IQbook. The IQbook is an organizer/planner dedicated to helping busy moms-on-the-go keep up with their hectic schedules, all in one place. The Scetro development team's pre-launch Kickstarter page went live in November 2017 to introduce IQbook to the world. The Kickstarter Campaign to launch the product will begin in April 2018.

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