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Innovative New Award Site Seeks to Honor World's Top Performers

Though still in its Beta Version, many honorees can already be found on the GoldenWeb Wall, with many more to come.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2015 has launched its new, interactive site geared at honoring the world's best and most talented performers.

Current awards and honorees listed on are for 2015, and feature brands, businesses, individuals, and groups that have all done remarkable and notable things over the last year.

The GoldenWebWall team selects, reviews and awards honors to people from many industries, backgrounds, and walks of life. Their criteria center around web-notoriety, meaning anyone, from any industry is eligible for an award, so long as they have done something truly noteworthy.

The website spokesperson said, "Our Honor Awards may be granted to actors, experts, bodybuilders, athletes, and artists. They can also be awarded to singers, dancers, musicians, writers, managers, scientists, architects, engineers, bloggers, journalists and developers. The awards are for anyone who has Internet presence. Even brilliant plumbers and farmers can be awarded!"

Unlike other awards that focus on one industry, career, or theme, the GoldenWebWall is different. This exciting project is designed to recognize and motivate people, teams, and companies to strive for greatness, and to be awarded and acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year.

As a bonus, honors serve as a marketing platform for a number of businesses, brands, and individuals. People may nominate companies and individuals that they believe deserve an extra push in the marketplace. Those wanting to place a nomination need only to submit their candidate through Twitter, using site contact form.

For more information about this cool new award platform, visit:

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GoldenWebWall is a brand new web project run by a talented team of individuals seeking venture partners interested in participating in this growing endeavor, as well as few other innovative web projects that will be launching soon.

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