Innovative New Game for Kids Fills the Pre-Literacy Gap with Creative Autonomous Play


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2016 --Color Clues, a creative new game that involves an app, color sequencing tiles, and treasure hunts, solves an essential problem for parents looking for ways to engage their pre-literate pre-school and kindergarten aged children with autonomous play. It allows young children to hunt for clues, problem solve, and develop critical thinking skills, while having fun, all on their own.

The creator of the game, Jesse Foote, a parent of three and founder of a Vermont summer camp for kids, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund the development of the app for iPhone and Android devices and to finance the manufacturing of the holder and the color tiles. Foote is already working with professional programmers to develop the app, as well as with the game manufacturers. With funding in place, the game is set to be delivered and to hit the market this November.

Encouraging autonomous, or self-directed play, Color Clues doesn't just give parents and caregivers a respite by stimulating young minds with engaging play, it also helps to promote high order thinking and processing skills. This is particularly important for young children who haven't learned to read yet, and as such cannot read directions and follow a game on their own. Color Clues gives three, four, and five-year-olds a chance to challenge their minds, build confidence, and develop cognitive skills, while having fun.

Parents can easily program a treasure hunt into the app, recording vocal clues that are played once the child enters the correct color sequence into the smartphone or another device. They then search for each clue until the treasure hunt is complete. This type of play provides a sense of accomplishment, which is particularly valuable for younger kids who do not have a lot of opportunities to solve problems on their own.

As an exciting feature, Foote plans on developing a platform for users to share treasure hunts. With the tap of the button, parents and other treasure hunt creators all over the world will be able to download and share their prerecorded treasure hunts with the rest of the Color Clues community.

Jesse Foote is offering a fantastic deal for backers. For a pledge of $20, less than the retail value of the game, contributors will receive a copy of the full Color Clues game. For $150, supporters will receive the game, 3 fun clip on characters, and a mention on the app's list of credits.

Interested parties can learn more about Color Clues by visiting the campaign on Kickstarter.