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Innovative Online Cigar Sales Company Adds Swisher Sweets Cigars to Catalog

Addition of world's most popular cigars to online store aims at increasing sales and drive more traffic to website. Swisher Sweets Cigarillos, Little Cigars and Tip cigars will be available for sale on website.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2015 --Swisher Sweets Cigars, the flagship product of Jacksonville-based Swisher International, are sold to approximately 80 countries. Sweets are the most popular brand internationally, and they are now in the Buitrago Cigars online catalog. The Swisher company began when the founder acquired it in settlement of a debt in 1861.

About Buitrago Cigars
Ten years of experience in the niche market of online tobacco sales is leading the management team at Buitrago Cigars to expand its product line. In business since 2014, is an online tobacco store that now offers a variety of cigars, cigarillos and filtered cigars. Working entirely from an online platform, the company has the flexibility to implement innovative marketing techniques. Focusing on providing customers with competitive options, Buitrago Cigars offers low prices, a superior shopping experience and prompt delivery.

The experience of the management team in the tobacco field has led to the creation of a dynamic approach to online cigar sales. Expanding the product line to include Swisher smokes makes the world's most popular cigars available to online shoppers, and the team continues to improve sales incentives. Each purchase includes a display of the discount price and the savings as items appear in a shopping cart. The company's aggressive approach to pricing allows customers to achieve savings that competitors may not match. Innovations in promoting sales include options to choose a deal of the day, and shoppers may find something new on each visit to the corporate website.

About Swisher International
Swisher Sweets have held the top position as America's favorite since 1956. With special flavoring and a secret blend of the finest tobaccos, Sweets provide a mild and sweet satisfaction to cigar lovers. Swisher is the largest exporter of cigars in America, and its cigar sales account for one-third of all cigar sales in the United States.

The smokes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that includes Swisher Sweets Cigarillos and Sweets Cigars with or without tips, kings, giants, coronellas, slims, blunts, perfectos and the very popular Swisher Sweets Little Cigars. Swisher tobacco products provide options for smokers who choose to transition from cigarettes to little cigars.

Providing an affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes, the cigarillos and little cigars use a machine-roll process to produce a draw that is easy and tobacco that lights easily. The distinctive taste is usually stronger as a result of high alkalinity content. These products mix fermented tobaccos with air-cured leaves to produce the uniquely satisfying smokes. Swishers Sweets provide smokers with cigars that may include filters and wraps like traditional cigarettes, but they are distinctively different. Tobaccos that are flue-cured have higher sugar content that influences the taste.

Swisher began using machine-rolled cigars in 1956, even though the company was making hand-rolled smokes when its owner forfeited it to settle a debt with Swisher. Implementing the use of machinery to produce cigars was an innovative move that distinguished the brand as the first to do so. From its manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, the company produces millions of cigars every day.