ICC Compliance Center

Innovative Paint Can Packaging Eliminates Costly Claims


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2018 --ICC Compliance Center (ICC) is introducing a new and innovative paint can packaging line called Securepacc™ Paint Cans aimed at eliminating costly claims associated with damaged cans during transport. This product line addresses a problem that adhesives, and paint and coatings companies have been dealing with in industry. The unique design allows couriers to safely and securely ship paint products without damage to the can. This results in fewer claims and lost product plus helps to increase revenue.

The product line went through ISTA 6-FEDEX-A testing and emerged dent-free providing peace of mind that packages will arrive in the same condition they were shipped. Flaps, and tabs are strategically placed to absorb impact allowing for greater protection while achieving quick, and easy assembly. A higher weight rating means a maximum gross mass of 12.4 kg can be shipped – higher than other comparable kits on the market. Plus, interchangeable inserts mean each kit may be used with either tin quart or plastic liter cans.

Part of the Securepacc™ Paint Cans line includes a UN box for plastic paint cans, which did not previously exist – expanding packaging options for industry. These UN approved kits come with: a QR code that leads to packing instructions for quick and easy reference; and tape lines to ensure packing requirements are met.

Over the years, ICC has become an industry leader in providing supplies and services to companies who handle and ship dangerous goods throughout North America, and around the world. ICC has developed products that have become the de facto standard of many industries that help customers handle, store and transport their products within the guidelines of legislation, and keep their workplace safe.

Since ICC was founded in 1987 in Toronto, they have seen remarkable growth. Today ICC has 6 locations throughout North America, with offices from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada that serve customers in chemical distribution and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, paint and coatings, automotive, government, healthcare, consumer products markets, and more.

For more information about ICC Compliance Center and to learn about available products, services, and training visit www.thecompliancecenter.com.