Innovative PinkGoddess Formula for Eliminating Hyperpigmentation Has Been Recently Developed


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2018 --The skin is the biggest organ of human's body which provides protection and structure for the other organs, tissue, bones and veins. Not many people have smooth and youthful looking skin into older age. Hormones, genes, lifestyle and dietary habits have a huge impact on skin's health and appearance.

Increased skin pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a common condition, which may affect people of all ages. Genetic predisposition, hormonal disbalance, endocrine disorders, excessive sun exposure, skin damage, and allergic reactions are some of the main causes of hyperpigmentation.

Once the reason behind the hyperpigmentation is identified, the sufferer can choose the right kind of treatment. There are a several treatments, which seem to work for most people with excessive skin pigmentation. These include home remedies made of appropriate ingredients, non-prescription medications as whitening creams and gels, microdermabrasion, etc.

PinkGoddes whitening cream has been recently developed and presented on the Asian online market. Its formula is an optimal combination of natural and synthetic components, which activate several mechanisms of the body to work in two directions - regulating skin pigmentation level, and strengthening the regeneration processes.

PinkGoddess cream is formulated with Beeswax (visually reduces skin defects and whitens the skin), Licorice root (whitens and softens the skin and starts regeneration processes), and Glycolic and Caprylic (acids responsible for pigmentation reduction).

The product is already distributed in Asia. Manufacturer has announced a discount for the first 100 pieces.