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Innovative Tech Savvy Publishing Firm Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc. Disrupts the Traditional Publishing Model

Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc. finds an innovative solution to help business owners, consultants, and experts to produce a book that effectively create credibility in their industry, and capture new opportunities of insights for potential business growth.


College Park, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2019 --Pinnacle Point Publishing recently introduced a program called the Self Publishing Academy that will enable anybody from a novice writer to CEO to publish a book. Pinnacle Point Publishing's latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include a step by step in person and online training which is important because you'll learn exactly how to go from blank page to completed manuscript in record time, but it will also have comprehensive workbooks which is huge because you are able to move at your own pace.

The team at Pinnacle Point Publishing were fed up. They've heard so many countless stories from people who are struggling with this common problem of writing and publishing a professional quality book. Brandon L. Draper, Amazon bestselling author, certified self-publishing expert, Founder and President of Pinnacle Point Publishing was quoted saying that most people can relate because they too have probably known the feeling of investing time, energy and resources in overpriced, and outdated programs from title acquisition companies that over promise and under deliver.

This type of business model has crippled and tarnished both the traditional and self-publishing industry. Which has left countless readers with a distaste for independent authors and publishers because of their utter thirst to produce half edited, and poorly designed publishing projects at the readers dispense.

When Pinnacle Point Publishing discovered how to produce bestselling books at will, without the need to take shortcuts that would diminish the quality and professionalism of work readers expect to have in a book they realized they could not keep this information to themselves. Revealing this solution meant helping aspiring authors and the industry with the highest standards in the literary genre.

This would be as described by Mr. Draper the winning formula that would finally take authors and consultants expertise and formulate them into professional quality books that would solidify their expert knowledge in their niche while serving the literary industry with professional standard bodies of works that would position them to acquire new clients and continue to nurture existing ones.

Pinnacle Point Publishing now an innovative and technological savvy leader in the publishing industry is positioned to help aspiring authors to publish professional industry standard books at will by creating a sustainable publishing business to help thousands of business owners and consultants to build a profitable business around their authority as a result of a published book.

Mr. Draper continued by insisting there is no better time to invest in writing your own book to share your story with the world as an expert to gain notoriety and publicity in your chosen field. As seen in the headlines lately the #Metoo movement where people from all walks of life has embraced the idea of sharing their stories to hold offenders of traumatic offenses accountable for their actions. Anxious to see others achieve the same results, Mr. Draper highly recommends attending one of his free Write Publish & Profit Workshops.

His organization can be contacted by people who want to attend upcoming workshops, or business organizations looking for a innovative leadership speaker or advisor by visiting or calling 1-866-222-3940 for more information. Interested in some of the upcoming training? Be sure to check this out soon, they only have a few seats remaining for their upcoming workshops. The Self-Publishing Academy is powered by The Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc. a non traditional Atlanta Georgia based publishing firm.