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Inspirational Rock Band Project Launched on RocketHub to Impact the Masses with Violent Love

With encouragement from music industry heavy-hitters like Clive Davis, Eturnal Entertainment launches a crowdfunding campaign for inspirational rock band LoveLike Violence.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2014 --According to Akil Brown, founder of New York City’s Eturnal Entertainment, all it took was one listen. After hearing inspirational rock band LoveLike Violence the Sony Music Entertainment pro put the full-force of his company’s efforts into the band’s debut album. Now Brown asks crowdfunders to pitch in for the overall push to get the band to the mainstream. And moreover, help them spread love like other people spread violence.

LoveLike Violence will release their first single “Let Go” on September 16th.

Having performed with major Christian music headliners like Switchfoot, Lecrae and the Newsboys the four-member band is already making waves. Hailing from Canton, Ohio the band’s rock/punk influence has quickly made them a virtual hit on social media with nearly 10,000 followers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe. Having been compared to the sounds of Evanescene, Skillet and Paramore their following only increases. But what sets them apart? Band members Stephanie and Stephen Spencer, Nate West and Tony Saffell, formerly of Inhale Exhale, are wholeheartedly committed to a message of love. To that end, the LoveLike Violence indie rock debut album will bring a peaceful approach to music that’s typically categorized as edgy.

Using his expertise in marketing, advertising and production Brown hopes to bring LoveLike Violence full-circle. He said of the Rockethub launch, “Crowdfunding support will go toward the mix and mastering of the album, a website redesign, and a NYC photo shoot. I believe in the power of the message of peace this band puts out there. And like Clive Davis told me, I have to make the world believe too.”

The LoveLike Violence RocketHub campaign will also support the album’s mass production and the establishment of a new label to develop the careers of more new artists.

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