Inspirational ''Wall of Answered Prayer'' to Provide Hope to Everyone


Leicestershire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2016 --A monumental structure is planned for the U.K to represent a million answered prayers, providing hope and inspiration for all people. The thought-provoking project is being launched on Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with the aim being to build a landmark from a million bricks, which will be roughly the size of 62 semi-detached houses.

Richard Gamble, the former Chaplain of the English Premier League football team Leicester City FC, is head of the emotive project. ''We are hoping to build an iconic structure in the U.K which brings hope and inspiration to many,'' explained Gamble. No stranger to poignant gestures, Gamble carried a cross around Leicestershire for a week in 2003 to rouse people into thinking about the real message behind the Christian Easter story. Gamble believes this provided him with a vision from God to build something much bigger - The Wall of Answered Prayer.

The project requires seed-funding of £45,000 initially, which will go towards running a global competition with the Royal Institute of British Architects. The competition will decide on a winning design for the structure - and it is not expected to be a flat wall at all. A panel of experts will judge the most stunning design after viewing applications from entrants from across the world. An investor will match-fund at least this amount, which will be a welcome start towards the estimated £6.2 million that is expected to be needed.

Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can buy a brick for The Wall for just £10 starting September 2016. Each brick will have a number so that donors can track where in The Wall their brick lies, and to link to their unique, individual story. A website will capture the detail of each answered prayer; in effect, it will be a database of one million prayer testimonies. Plans are also being made for a visitor centre that will help people to explore prayer.

It is hoped that The Wall will be a National Landmark and will be completed by 2020. It will be located beside a busy motorway where it can be seen by the maximum amount of people. Those who want to find out more can do so on Kickstarter.