Inspiring a Generation of "Thinkers and Achievers" VoicED Announces the Dual Launch of an App and Young Voices Workshops

Slated for May, VoicED will offer students a way to stand out and succeed with public speaking workshops structured to bring out a healthy self-image.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2020 --Creating a haven where students can strengthen their talent and bring its inherent passion to the fore, VoicED announces two new avenues for success. First, the educational resource dedicated to giving kids a solid footing in college will begin their Young Voices Workshops in May. Facilitated by the Founder and CEO of VoicED, Ava Mariya Gencheva, the public speaking workshops will highlight the kids themselves and the topics that inspire them. To that end, VoicED is now accepting submissions of topics and speeches by students ages thirteen to eighteen. The second newly-launched road to success is the VoicED app. A planner, coach, and a chat support system all in one, the app began giving students personalized guidance on Valentine's Day.

Based in San Jose, California, VoicED offers individualized attention customized for specific needs. These needs include public speaking mastery, math, grammar and writing, college essays, admission planning, SAT, and ACT preparation. Moreover, classes employ a strong emphasis on inspiring self-confidence through identifying and championing a youth's talents and interests. With this method, VoicED endeavors to turn a dangerous tide in education. A tide that requires kids and their families to succumb to cut-throat competition and, in too many instances, forego human compassion just to get in a good school.

"I got tired of seeing parents spend a fortune for education that left their children burnt out and encouraged them to do anything, right or wrong, to be at the head of the line," Gencheva, the former director of a prestigious private school in the Bay Area, said. "I saw families tired from the strain of empty school assignments, and there was no help coming from teachers, counselors, or expensive tutors. In my world, things had to be different. So, I walked away from a coveted job and launched my classes, workshops, and seminars. Soon things began to change for the group of students and families with whom I worked. Kids started discovering their worth aside from grades and crowd approval." With results as her calling card, Gencheva says many of her students now attend IVY league schools.

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About VoicED
VoicED is an educational and consulting company with a focus on the areas of grammar, academic writing, test prep, and college counseling. Their workshops teach relevant life skills like personality traits, entrepreneurial skills, and public speaking mastery in addition to academics.

About Ava Mariya Gencheva:
Before founding VoicED, Ava Mariya Gencheva served for more than a decade as a Program Director and a curriculum development expert at several private elite schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied law at New York University School of Law. She has a B.S. in Education.

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