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Insulation in Garage Doors Will Limit Your Energy Bill

Homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs can take substantial steps in lowering their monthly power bills, while increasing the value of their home, by installing state of the art garage doors with insulation technology resulting in a superior seal against the elements.


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2015 --Quality Garage Doors warns that with the onset of winter's cold, a dilapidated garage door represents a potential gaping hole in which the bulk of the owner's energy expenses can seep out resulting in elevated power bills each month.

With a typical size of 16 X 7 feet, the average garage door represents the biggest 117-square-feet of potential energy loss in the home. As such, homeowners contemplating garage door installation costs should consider a host of environmental factors before deciding the type of garage door they wish to install in their home.

Industry experts versed in the intricacies of garage door installation costs agree that the type of garage door chosen can have a big impact on the homeowner's energy costs.

"Our understanding of the costs associated with an un-insulated garage door, and the improvement in insulation technology for garage doors has increased dramatically," said a spokesperson with local Culpeper, VA-based garage door company, Quality Garage Doors. "An insulated garage door can dramatically lower your energy costs."

Modern garage door design results in a tighter seal against the home's fa├žade that not only keeps the elements at bay, but also help eliminate excessive noise levels. This is of particular concern for those homes with occupied rooms above the garage, or those with doors that receive the brunt of weather conditions based on the direction they face.

A wide range of door selections allows homeowners the ability to merge ascetics with functionality in terms of choosing the material, design, and look of a new garage door. That being said, homeowners should seek out professional advice when making this important investment to maximize their garage door installation cost savings while minimizing their month-to-month energy expenses.

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