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Integratus Solutions Is Presenting Their SAP Data Warehouse Success Story During a Webcast on August 19, 2015

The company offers pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehouse (DW) solutions to integrate cloud & on-premise data using the market-share leading SAP BusinessObjects toolset. As a result, executives and managers are better enabled with easy to access, self-service reporting relevant to their role & technical expertise.


Bartonville, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2015 --Integratus Solutions is a highly sought after Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consulting company based in Bartonville, Texas. Integratus consultants have the combined experience of hundreds of successful cross-industry BI-DW implementations with clients throughout North America.

An upcoming webcast planned for 19 August 2015 features the successful story of their SAP BusinessObjects BI-DW software solutions implemented to integrate SAP & SuccessFactors data sources.

Integratus recently was sought out by a manufacturing customer facing challenges with their legacy software. They migrated away from PeopleSoft due to an increasing complexity and cost, moving to SAP SuccessFactors to support their HR business processes. Based on the success of this implementation, they decided to also integrate SuccessFactors data as part of their existing Data Warehouse.

Together with experts from Integratus they were able to leverage the specially designed SAP Data Services 4.2 API connector, allowing them to expand their Data Warehouse with the cloud-based SuccessFactors data. Integratus was able to merge the data with SAP Financials and other sources such as ADP payroll to provide complete transparency on employee costs by division, region and location world-wide.

The results exceeded expectations giving the business managers and executives a holistic view of the company and employee's financial performance. As a result, they can now more effectively control and forecast employee costs with SAP Dashboards & Web Intelligence.

The upcoming webcast features Tim Lehmann, who is an Innovation Director, and Sal Hernandez, a Managing Partner at Integratus Solutions. They will share with the attendees how integrating cloud data sources (such as SAP SuccessFactors & ADP Payroll) together with SAP ERP data can help organizations across all industries optimize and control employee's costs. They'll share best practices on how to enable executives and department heads with up-to-date information on employee compensation and revenue by location, division, region, and more. Attendees will learn high level best practices on how to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse by unifying both cloud-based and on-premise data sources, from ERP, HR, Payroll and 3rd party data, among other sources.

Integratus is recommended by SAP for BI-DW engagements. Integratus provides pre-built easy to use, business focused solutions using the market-share leading SAP Business Objects toolset. These solutions support any and all data sources available including cloud and on-premise data. Key points:

- Experienced consulting staff, consisting strictly of full-time Integratus employee, senior specialists in BI-DW typically with 15+ years experience.

- Recognized by SAP VP's & product managers as the key "go-to" partner for SAP BI & DW implementations.

- Certified SAP BusinessObjects partner with combined experience of hundreds of BI-DW implementations across all major industries.

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About Integratus Solutions
Integratus is a boutique-consulting firm, specializing in pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) solutions, using the market-share leading SAP BusinessObjects software. Integratus employs a team of senior BI-DW consultants, each typically with over 15 years of cross-industry experience. Combined, our consultants have the experience of hundreds of successful BI-DW implementations across North America.

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