Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation

IPISC Announces Intellectual Property Insurance Solution for Start-Ups and Small Companies


Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2013 --Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) announces the InventPro™ Abatement Insurance Policy for inventors, start-ups and small companies.

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors of innovative products and services, specifically companies possessing rights in patents and trademarks, must be able to protect their intellectual property (IP) rights from the predatory business practices of some companies, or risk incurring burdensome royalty payments, unappealing license agreements, being forced into a settlement or going out of business.

IPISC, the IP insurance industry leader, understands that many of these companies have IP infringement litigation risk, and realizes that many companies are left exposed with no real protection should they have to enforce their IP against others infringing on their rights.

The solution to this exposure is the InventPro™ Abatement IP Insurance policy, which specifically accommodates the needs of inventors, start-ups and small companies with 1-3 patents and/or trademarks. This affordable insurance policy helps enforce the policy holder’s IP rights, while getting to a decision based on the merits of a case, not on who has the deeper pockets.

Coverage Features:

- 1-3 issued and/or pending Patents and/or Trademarks
- Affordable premiums
- Ability to add IP during the policy term with our pre-pay option
- Worldwide coverage available with terms up to 3 years
- Litigation Management Services and support

Contact Information
For additional information regarding InventPro™ Abatement Insurance, please contact Sarah Lowe, Account Representative, at or 502-855-5303. For all other inquiries concerning co-branded materials, webinars or partnership opportunities or other insurance products, please contact Janet Zahnd, Sales Manager, at or 502-855-5314.