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Package Surge After Singles' Day: Lock Your Parcel with Neatly Mind

After three enchanting songs from Taylor Swift, the popular American pop star, Singles’ Day hit the E-commerce market again.


Zhejiang, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2019 --This year, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's Singles' Day has raked in $30 billion in sales and nearly 28 billion parcels awaiting in the warehouses to be delivered. These huge numbers show the logistics industry in China has reached an unprecedented height so far. Simultaneously, people might be curious about which container could storage such massive numbers of parcels without chaos. To answer the question, a multifunctional parcel locker is an ideal helper in E-commerce trade, particularly during the busiest period.

What is Singles' Day?
November 11th is supposed to be a distinctive date for those who are single to celebrate as the double eleven strengthens the visual loneliness. However, Singles' Day is a typical festival that encourages consumers to fully engage in the ultimate happiness of online shopping at present. During this special event, each of the customers may change into a mathematics professor as there will be different kinds of coupons to help them save their expenses. Besides, with the development of electronic devices and online applications, the awareness of Singles' Day has become wider ever since it first came up in 2009 and more people choose to both purchase and sell products via the Internet. Because of the high consumption level within years, the industry of e-commerce is at its golden age.

The potential parcel pressure
Most of the business of logistics companies rely on e-commerce nowadays as parcels need to be completely packed before finally delivered to customers' homes. As such, millions of parcels are poured into first-tier cities every day. It is estimated that after Singles'Day this year, nearly 28billion parcels awaiting in the warehouse which need 2.1 million couriers send more than 240 packages per person a day. Such a huge sorting work shows the mess of parcels is unignorable when customer may lose their parcels, that could result in the low customer satisfaction.

The practical solution
When facing the massive pressure of logistic delivery after Singles' Day, as mentioned above in the first paragraph, a mature and effective locker is important for both the seller and buyer. As one of the largest locker manufacturers in China, DC Locker uses its variety of lockers to meet the increasing customer needs. Headquartered in Hangzhou where is the famous city for its extraordinary E-commerce trade, DC Locker keeps the innovation on technology and producing parcel lockers with enthusiasm year after year. Imagine when an intelligent parcel locker standing in the community or company. It can be a great solution to cope with the potential parcel mess. For instance, a courier can place the parcels in one of the boxes of the locker. Then, customers can collect relative parcels with a unique code on the phone. Moreover, parcel lockers can be categorized into two kinds: indoor parcel locker and outdoor parcel locker. Commonly, the indoor locker is placed on the first floor as it will be easily accessed by those who need the locker, especially the residents of the building. In contrast to the indoor locker, the rainproof on the top of the outdoor locker can prevent the machine from unnecessary failure. With recognition, staging, extracting, data monitoring and management functions which is based on cloud computing and the Internet of Things, customers do not need to worry about whether the parcels could be lost. Also, if they want to send the packages, each of the independent boxes can offer a tidy and clean space to the parcels to the E-commerce era. Find more delivery solutions.

The immense trend
It is said that consumers have more control over when they pick up their shopping, rather than having to wait for deliveries or risk parcels being left in the wrong place. The invention of parcel locker did add more advantages for the industry as more packages are classified and less chaos of sorting is avoided. On the other hand, parcel security also used to be a concern, but they can all be solved by updating DC locker products as there will be more choices for consumers to participate in E-commerce nowadays. According to that, the future of parcel lockers is promising and there are also reasons to believe the DC Locker is ready to become the leading smart locker manufacturer in the coming years.