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Interior Design Company in Vancouver Offers Insight on Daycare Design

Children’s needs differ from adults and require special consideration says interior designer at m+ Architecture l Interior Design


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2019 --As part one of a two blog series, the Vancouver interior design team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design recently published a blog on creating a daycare space. As part of a feasibility study, the team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design considered how to harness function, flow, and design to create a space for children. Achieving the right balance meant a solution that was kid-friendly and parent-approved. For more, go to: https://mplusdesign.ca/interior-design/child-friendly-parent-approved-the-m-approach-to-daycare-design-part-1/

The needs and sensibilities of children differ from adults. As an architect and interior designer in Vancouver, the team members at m+ Architecture l Interior Design believe in seeking out distinctive approaches to design. It's necessary to consider how physical environments can transform the feelings and behaviours of people moving through the space.

In this case, the challenge was transforming a building that previously housed a restaurant into a daycare facility that could accommodate approximately 76 children, with space for necessary parking, updated plumbing fixtures, and a good amount of windows for light and warmth.

The overall goal was creating a facility that served the community by providing healthy, wholesome, and safe care for children. Naturally, it was necessary to account for the client's budget so that care could be provided at a reasonable cost in the future.

With these goals in mind, the team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design in Vancouver had to consider how to go about transforming the property. Considerations included assessing the amount of useable space, noise dampening, lighting, colour palettes, and ventilation.

For a daycare, it was necessary to create a highly functional and multi-purpose environment where staff members could see their charges and maintain easy, open communication.

To learn how m+ Architecture l Interior Design in Vancouver reconciled practical and logistical considerations into a space that met all necessary functional and aesthetic requirements, visit: https://mplusdesign.ca/interior-design/vancouver-interior-design-daycare-center-renovation/

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