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Interior Designers in Vancouver Discusses Creating an Eatery

Vancouver interior designers at m+ Architecture l Interior Design share the inspiration behind styling Vancouver’s salad box


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2019 --As an architect and interior designer in Vancouver, the team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design knows that when it comes to creating an eatery, functionality is as important as creating a space that's comfortable and attractive to the patrons. Recently, the team was approached by the franchise Salad Box. To learn more about this project, please visit: https://mplusdesign.ca/interior-design/more-than-just-lettuce-how-m-approached-designing-north-vancouvers-salad-box/

Eating out has been a pastime that's evolved over centuries. More than just creating a functional prep space, the ambiance and design affect the environment, accentuating the flavours and feelings created by the food.

Salad Box, located in the food court of the Capilano Mall, aims to provide a timely option for healthy food choice in a location that is otherwise saturated with unhealthy deep-fried options. Designing a successful dining space for the eatery depended on the thoughtful construction of several key locations, including the kitchen, the retail space, and the dining area. It was necessary to create a design that enhanced the function of these key areas, both individually and as a unit.

The flow between the kitchen and retail area was a key feature, enabling a comfortable workflow for staff. The next step was to incorporate all of the necessary equipment the staff would be using into the floor plan of the design.

Another critical aspect was the ventilation, which restricts odours to the kitchen. Developing the right ventilation for a restaurant is also important due to the fact it is part of health code compliance—proper ventilation works to discourage the formation of biohazards such as mould and other bacteria.

After all the technical requirements were in place, it was time to choose the finishes and fixtures. These played a key role in creating an entertaining and memorable space. Warm, earthy materials like wood and brass accents were chosen to reflect the healthy, green approach exemplified by Salad Box. Marble counters, unique lighting, and beautiful backsplashes were also used to create a unique space that exuded quality and care. This sets the space apart and draws attention to the framework of the food court.

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