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Intermountain LiVe Well Centers Offer Coaching Help to Make New Year's Resolutions Successful


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2022 --It is a new year, and many people are resolving to making improvements in their lives. Intermountain Healthcare's LiVe Well program can help.

As an exercise physiologist and board certified health coach at the Intermountain Healthcare LiVe Well Center in St. George, Tiffany Gust has seen many a New Year's Resolution come through the door.

"I think it's exciting to see what people are motivated by," Gust said. "My job is to meet people where they're at; whatever they have a passion for, something they're ready to pursue."

The key to success with a New Year's Resolution, or any goal throughout the year, Gust said, is to remember that lifestyle changes are a process, not a one-time event.

That's where the resources available at the LiVe Well Center, including health coaches like Gust, can prove invaluable.

"The health coach doesn't necessarily tell them exactly what direction to go," Gust said. "Rather, the health coach helps cultivate a growth mindset and expand the possibilities of change."

One way to move the needle on a person's progress is simply by using experiments as part of a person's goals, giving them the opportunity to see what works for them.

"These small steps really add up over time," Gust said. "Experiments provide an opportunity to learn. The person can embrace how they feel in that moment during the session and draw out how that will help them move forward in a positive way."

The frequency of health coaching sessions is based entirely on the client's needs.

"We can meet weekly, monthly, or whatever," Gust said. "Health coaching is a very evidence-based method with clinical interventions and proven methodologies, but it is also very personal. It encompasses a total wellness perspective in order to help the client sustain behavior change. We allow them to listen to their inner wisdom and transform their goals into the action they need."

When Gust meets with a client she is able to ascertain, through positive psychology and motivational interviewing, where the client is in the process.

"Some people are in the preparation stage," Gust said. "Their wheels are spinning and they're trying to envision what life would be like if they made the change, but they're not ready to move forward yet."

Other times they're ready to act but there are roadblocks they might not be addressing in the right way.

"Someone might say they want to exercise but when we look at a chain of behaviors that would lead to success, the real issue might be that they're not getting enough rest," Gust said.

Listening to the client can help turn their trials into triumphs.

"It's really about honoring the client as the expert," Gust said. "They are the experts on themselves. They have the tools within them to achieve optimal health. It's just a matter of finding someone who can help them draw out those tools and build upon the strengths they have."

Health coaching is offered at the LiVe Well Center as a stand-alone service, or it is part of several of the more comprehensive packages. Some of the other popular resources at the LiVe Well Center include the Bod Pod assessment, resting metabolic rate assessment , cardiovascular testing, exercise prescription and dietician consultations.

"We work with any age, for a wide variety of goals related to weight management, life balance, stress management and more," Gust said. "There are always ways to improve if you want to."

Click here to find out more about the many resources available at the LiVe Well Center, either in person or virtually. Intermountain LiVe Well focuses on making healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition, to not only prevent disease but to help individuals can live the healthiest life possible.

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