Internet Biometric Security Systems, Inc.

Internet Biometric Security Systems, Inc. Answers Encryption Controversy with New User-Friendly Biometric Email Advanced Privacy Solution


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --David Ackerman, President of Internet Biometric Security Systems, Inc. will be a featured speaker at the 44th Annual Accounting Day in San Diego on May 16th, 2016. Since 2001, Ackerman has been a leading pioneer in cloud-based biometric identity management solutions and holds worldwide patents in multiple biometric technologies for the internet.

Cyber security threats are a growing concern for all major industry professionals today. Growing breaches in client tax privacy to cyber-attacks in the legal industry with the "Panama Papers". Mr. Ackerman will speak on a wide range of topics from the historical privacy evolution of the internet, the impact of cyber security on the accounting and tax industry, professional online security compliance issues, cross compliance issues from banking, insurance, finance, and healthcare. The discussion will also cover issues regarding professional practice management prevention awareness of online security problems, and new emerging trends in encryption to biometric technologies.

IBSS will demonstrate IBSSMail, its featured biometric point to point email communications solution for advanced email privacy at Accounting Day. Unlike email encryption that is plagued with compatibility issues, lacks a universal communication standard, vulnerable to transferable password, pins, and security tokens, and is generally not consumer friendly, biometric email is a new alternative email solution. Ackerman goes on to say that, "IBSSMail can be up and running in less than five minutes, and works no differently than your current regular email making it very user-friendly, but equally maintaining advanced privacy over traditional email."

About IBSS
IBSS is a leader in biometric technology products and services from multi-factor authentication management with advanced risk assessment testing, advanced biometric document signature technology, biometric password reset technology, and secure biometric video conferencing technology.

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