Internet Marketer Reveals Methods For Building Paid Customer Lists

World-Renowned Super Affiliate Shows Exactly How To Get More Buyers


Springfield, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2008 -- Michael Rasmussen started his online marketing career back in 1999. He's been around the block a few times since then, and he's also carved out a reputation for himself.

He's become one of the world's most sought after Joint Venture partners, for one simple reason: His mailing list has an amazing conversion rate.

It's not unheard of for Michael to send an email to his list and see profits of $10,000 or even $75,000 and more. Other marketers marvel out how well his list converts, and they've badgered him for years to describe how to built such a marketing powerhouse.

But Michael hasn't ever revealed his secrets. Instead, he's quietly dominated joint venture (JV) contests by obliterating his competition. Along the way, he's grown his list to legendary status. He's become a fixture for big product launches, where he regularly places first or second among marketers promoting them.

Over the years, he's seen people describe parts of what he did (and does) to build his hyper-responsive buyer list, but he's never seen anyone cover the entire set of strategies well enough to please him.

So now he's finally revealing the "secret formula" he used to build his legendary list. The results for people who apply what Michael teaches could be nothing short of phenomenal.

What sets Michael apart is that he uses only proven, ethical, powerful list-building techniques that anyone can use quite easily. His new Get More Buyers course reveals them all.

Only people who buy the course can learn all of the techniques, but here's a taste of what Michael teaches.

He'll show you how to use the "magic price" to attract hordes of buyers to almost any list you want to create. It's based on the human psychology of buying, and can help people who are starting from scratch build a solid buyer list within days.

He reveals an online community that buys in extreme volume, almost every time something is put in front of them. If you focus on quality (which Michael shows you how to do), and you keep it simple (again, he shows you how), this can be a gold mine. Indeed, it already has created several multi-million dollar online businesses.

Michael also tells you how to "borrow" buyers from another marketer, and let him borrow yours, so you can both grow your profits. It's a simple technique, but very few marketers use it effectively. Once you've viewed Michael's course, you'll know how to do it.

Finally, Michael tells you how to "steal" paid customers from another marketer, but have that person thank you for picking their pocket. It's pure genius. It goes back to human psychology again, and shows you how to catch buyers when they're ripe to buy again, so you can add them to your list. This one technique can double or triple your buyer list in days.

The course is new, and Michael has priced it at an introductory level that almost anyone can afford.

If you're just starting out online, the Paid Customer Lists course can help you skip the frustration that hampers so many aspiring online marketers.

If you're experienced, but your online profits haven't grown as you hoped they would, Michael's course will show you how to break through the barriers that have held you back.

All the details about the course, including what other well-known online marketers have to say about it, are here:

Michael's introductory price won't last, so take advantage of it while it's still available. Don't delay and regret it later.

A free list building course with a $67 value is also available online at - sign up to receive specific list building tactics available for small business around the Internet.