Internet Marketing Company SEOprofiler Releases Ranking Monitor with Daily Ranking Checks for Desktop, Mobile and Local

New tool helps businesses to improve their websites


Staudt, RLP -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2016 --Cloud-based SEO tool provider SEOprofiler has released a much improved version of their Ranking Monitor tool. The Ranking Monitor checks the position of web pages on search engines.

The new version offers daily ranking updates, mobile ranking checks, ranking checks on city level, and many more features.

Ranking checks are important for people who want to run a successful online business. While it is not necessary to have high rankings for obscure eight-word keyword phrases, it is important to track how a website is listed for the keywords that deliver paying customers.

What's new in the new version?

The new version of the Ranking Monitor offers daily website ranking checks on Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo and Bing daily. That enables businesses to react quickly when rankings change.

Mobile ranking checks are an important feature as more than 50% of searches on Google happen on mobile devices (Google has a market share of over 95% on mobile.)

External pages such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, Vimeo videos, etc can also tracked with the new Ranking Monitor. If a business is listed multiple times for the same keyword (for example, in the local results, the shopping results, the regular results, the image results and with a Facebook page), the Ranking Monitor will show all of these rankings.

The new Ranking Monitor enables businesses to track their rankings in 91 countries and languages on city level. For example, they can find out how their website is ranked for a keyword in New York and in Garland, TX. The Ranking Monitor supports all 92,197 cities and locations that are supported by Google.

In contrast to similar tools, the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler has no limits. Businesses can track as many of their own domains, sub domains and URLs as they want in a single project. They also can track as many competitor domains and URLs as they want.

A complete ranking check solution

In addition to the features mentioned above, the new Ranking Monitor offers a lot more: several new display filters that help you to find particular rankings quickly and easily, custom comparison dates, a detailed ranking history for all monitored URLs, and much more.

A free trial is available on the company website at The full version comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

About SEOprofiler
SEOprofiler is a cloud based SEO solution that helps businesses to improve the position of their websites on Google and other search engines. In contrast to other SEO tool providers, SEOprofiler only uses so-called white-hat SEO methods that follow Google's optimization guidelines.