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InterScape launches - Merchant services and technology together


Norcross, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2009 -- InterScape Services and the Knovial Platform offer a new website capable of handling all your payment needs. combines a variety payment options with a full suite of technology.

Save Time and Money
We are the solution to your problems of saving both time and money! There is no longer the need to spend thousands of dollars on integration as we can combine all your payment processing services into one site. On-line payment systems offer the convenience of receiving payments quickly and easily from clients. However, when you combine that service with streamlined technology, your business can only increase.

Competitive Rates
Our rates are very competitive in the online payment systems market. By offering an excellent payment processing service and partnering it with up-to-date software you are cutting out “the middleman.” No longer do you need a POS system and an on-line inventory, AND an online payment provider -- we can assist you in all of these needs! Beyond our great rates, we also help companies comply with the needs and requirements for merchant approval. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and we enjoy guiding clients through their new software. It is essential for us that our customers not only use our software, but that they are proficient in its application. Your success is our success.

Advanced Technology
Advanced technology will allow you to sell products on-line with e-commerce, invoice clients for both one-time and recurring payments, set-up memberships, request payments via projects, process payments via your sales team through FLIP CRM, and finally, include your Point-of-sale payments ALL with the same software. Our ACH processing is effective and secure. By localizing all ACH payments and ACH transactions, you are limiting your risk for credit card misuse. If your company requires ACH services, it is probably time to think about upgrading.

Support for Multiple Locations
If your company has multiple offices or just a large inventory, electronic payment processing can be complicated. Your different online merchant accounts are most likely superfluous, but simply exist because you have not yet found software which is both intuitive to use and reasonably priced. Our ACH software is very accessible. If you do find that you have any trouble, please feel free to contact our dependable staff, always willing to give more detailed instruction, or simply troubleshoot.

Another example: if you run both an on-line and physical retail store, there is a strong likelihood that you use two separate programs. With these two separate programs, you must then manually alter your inventory when there is a sale. Yet, with Knovial POS, your inventory is ALWAYS up-to-date!

Thinking about expanding your operation? With our system, expanding is as easy as cake! All you would need to set-up an additional location is a card reader and a personal computer.

Reduce Chances for Fraud
ACH payment needs not to be complicated. By using our programs you can keep a list of customers, accessible to any of your business locations. This helps reduce your customers’ concerns about fraud with their ACH debit as they no longer need to continue to fax or telephone your office with their account details. We want to leave you wondering: why wasn’t ACH transaction processing this easy before Beyond ACH transfers, we can also process electronic check payment, credit cards, and your rewards program -- all in a very simple and easy to navigate software.

Finally, you have found one company that offers merchant services, gateway support, and technology to enable seamless payments for small- and medium-sized companies.

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