Introducing ALIVO, the First Effective Desktop Fitness Buddy

In modern world, more and more jobs and activities are in-doors and non-physical. The result is the plethora of fitness problems we are all facing. Here to help counter this trend is ALIVO.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2016 --Happiness comes with an active lifestyle. Here to provide just that is ALIVO. Bringing together the smart surround motion sensing technology and an intelligently caring app experience, the ALIVO Team is to raise your attention to your fitness and provide you a gentle nudge to maintain a good level of activity throughout the day.

"We often find it easy to spend hours browsing at the H&M website, binge watching the Walking Dead on Netflix, playing League of Legends till day break, watching cute pets videos on YouTube, or writing blogsā€¦ we just cannot help stop ourselves from sitting for too long. We lose track of time while sitting at the desk, in the bed or on the sofa. We don't register the issue of inactivity because we don't have a way to accurately and effortlessly track it. We subconsciously lead a sedentary lifestyle that makes us feel sluggish all the time, sleep late and have trouble getting up in the morning. We think that it's about time to change. This is why we bring ALIVO into your life." said the creators of ALIVO, Jas and Andrea.

The ALIVO plays a role as your personal health coach and friend, for anyone who often neglects to take rest from what they are doing. Think how ALIVO keep you away from screen addiction. If you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, ALIVO can help you achieve your desired way of living. The ALIVO is enabled by a chatbot system. Without sifting through complex log data, you can easily interact with ALIVO. Once the motion sensing iBall is positioned, it tracks movement, activity, and sitting time. The ALIVO automatically sends you notifications when you are identified sitting for too long, suggesting break-time missions according to your preference. The mission can even be something productive like finishing daily errands. Aside from that, the ALIVO motion sensors can notify you of intruders. This functionality makes the ALIVO a security aid as well as fitness buddy.

The other major step in ALIVO's goal of providing you a healthy lifestyle is its sleep monitoring feature. The ALIVO's motion sensing abilities allow it to track the depth of your sleep throughout the night. In this way, the ALIVO can provide you with a concise morning report. This report details the quality and depth of sleep throughout the night. Additionally, the ALIVO is able to easily learn the sleep patterns of any user, enabling it to provide optimally-timed goodnight and goodmorning notifications.

Now, the ALIVO team needs help garnering enough funds to mass-produce the product. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and just achieved their 10% goal. With your supports, the ALIVO will be able to help more people to change their life, get up, get active and get healthy.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.