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Introducing ALSACE, World's First Patented Dual Wood-Fired Oven/Grill

L'Art du Jardin Enters North American Outdoor Living Market with Wood-Fired Ovens


Canton, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2014 --From the crossroads of Europe and culinary cuisine, L’Art du Jardin of France is introducing a line of authentic, high efficiency outdoor wood-fired ovens to the North American outdoor living market. L’Art du Jardin previewed their portable wood-fired ovens to retailers at the 2014 National Hardware Show earlier this year. Alsace, Le Boulanger and Napoli ovens are now in stock, distributed exclusively to North America by Longview Products of Canton, GA.

Trademarks of L’Art du Jardin outdoor wood-fired ovens are unmatched quality, ease of assembly, portability and unique double-wall construction. Double wall construction means heat radiates from the thick 1 ½” cooking stones and all sides of the oven chamber, flowing up through the space between the walls creating a 360º cooking environment, identical to traditional masonry wood-fired ovens. With 95% of the flames and smoke diverted from the cooking chamber and up the walls, food is lightly flavored but not overpowered by smoke.

L’Art du Jardin Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven Models

Alsace is the world’s only patented dual wood-fired Oven/Grill. Using the patented tilt-back piston system, Alsace converts in seconds from an oven to a grill. When the oven tilts back, a heavy duty grate for grilling directly over the fire is exposed. Planking, roasting, baking, grilling are only a few of the many cooking options Alsace provides. Alsace is equipped with two stainless steel side work tables and a lower mounted shelf where wood can be stored. Alsace has a generous 25” wide by 15” deep by 9” high oven chamber.

Le Boulanger is a large capacity oven with side warming tray and work table. This model provides the wood-fired oven chef with enough capacity and versatility to cook restaurant quality meals for a crowd. Le Boulanger is equipped with a stainless steel side work table and side warming box with 4 removable aluminum shelves. A handy lower shelf will hold wood logs or cooking equipment. Le Boulanger has a 16” wide by 20” deep by 6” high oven chamber.

Napoli is the compact size, value priced wood-fired oven. Designed for smaller spaces, Napoli allows the outdoor wood-fired oven chef to serve the same restaurant quality food created in larger ovens. Napoli’s compact size makes this oven ideal for smaller outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, terraces, balconies or even tailgating. Napoli has a 14” wide by 15” deep by 5” high oven chamber.

Outdoor Ovens Built Like a Battleship

All L’Art du Jardin models are constructed of 3 mm heavy duty steel. The oven’s cooking chamber is lined in stainless steel, which provides superb high temperature properties. Ovens feature 4 heavy duty wheels for ease of portability, and will fire with hard wood or chunk charcoal. Ovens ship in 2 cartons and can be easily assembled by two people.

About L’Art du Jardin
L’Art du Jardin’s wood-fired ovens are inspired by the Alsace region of northeastern France, a multi-cultural area known as the crossroads of Europe and culinary cuisine. They have been in business over 5 years, selling outdoor living products throughout Europe. All L’Art du Jardin ovens are designed to enable the backyard chef to cook everything from German sausages and roasts, world famous Alsatian Tarte Flambé, artisan breads, pizza, calzones and desserts. L’Art du Jardin wood-fired ovens provide today’s chef with the perfect oven to bake virtually anything that can be baked in a traditional kitchen oven.

About Longview Products LLC
Longview Products is the exclusive master distributor of L’Art du Jardin wood-fired ovens to North America. Based in metro-Atlanta, Longview provides sales and distribution of unique next generation products that provide solutions and enhance everyday living, while respecting the environment. For more details, visit www.longviewproducts.com