Introducing Amazing Magnetic Pens - MAGNETDABBLES, a Fidget with Functionality


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2017 --Teacher Jose Ziebart launched a brand new, multipurpose fidget toy on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, generating large interest and reached over 35% of its funding goal on it's first day as it steps into the fidget spinner market. Magnetdabbles are high-quality, refillable pens with super strong magnets that provide endless opportunities for children and adults alike to fidget, play, create, build, or to use as a tool to focus their attention.

Fidget toys, cubes, rollers and spinners help people of all ages and abilities to concentrate, and therefore perform better. Whether in a school or office environment, at home, or waiting in line, many people like to have a diversion for their fingers and this can help relieve stress or anxiety. It is widely recognized that children and adults with special needs benefit from fidget toys since they find them to be both soothing and reassuring.

Magnetdabbles, pronounced 'magne-da-bles' takes this concept one step further. The team behind the innovative design have incorporated a dual tip pen into a magnetic casing, thereby creating a writing instrument that is easy to hold, writes in two different colored inks, is refillable, and can be used as a ruler or to draw around and for tracing straight-edged shapes.

Super strong magnets draw other Magnetdabbles together, enabling the user to invent endless fun tricks and stunts. Multiple Magnetdabbles can be used like building blocks to build three-dimensional models which can be flipped, folded and stacked. Use them to stick documents to the fridge or to a magnetic board, or as an educational tool for counting, learning shapes and colors, the concept of 'more and less,' to develop fine motor skills, sharing and empathy, tactile awareness, and more.

"Magentdabbles can benefit all ages," said Ziebart, creator of Magnetdabbles. "Students with special needs, our forgotten veterans, or anyone that finds certain situations challenging could also find them incredibly advantageous."

Funds raised on Kickstarter will go towards tooling and molding to help make Magnetdabbles possible. Every pledge will also benefit organizations associated with autism and ADHD. For just $21, donors can secure a super-early-bird deal for a set of four Magnetdabbles, all pre-loaded with refills. Estimated delivery is January 2018. They can be shipped anywhere in the world. Extra refills and metal balls can also be purchased from the Kickstarter page.

Those interested can make a donation or find out more from the Kickstarter page here: