Introducing Body Ready, the Motivating Social Platform for Healthy Lifestyles

Few people can say that they are where they want to be in terms of health and fitness goals. Here to help people actually achieve these goals through an education social platform is Body Ready.


Baton Rouge, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2017 --In the modern world, obesity is quickly becoming more and more of a problem across the United States. In fact, the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases reports that over two-thirds of all adults are overweight or obese.* In turn, weight loss surgeries have become popularized, and all sorts of home remedy fads designed to target the insecurities of the overweight have become prevalent among the public. But anyone who is part of the world of physical training knows that fad diets and risky medical practices are simply not the way to achieve health goals. Instead, good, old-fashioned, hard work is the only way to go, but the team behind an up and coming app named Body Ready believes that physically hard work does not have to be mentally hard.

The Body Ready team is dedicated to the idea that with a truly supportive, motivational, and educational community, anyone can get up and become the best version of themselves. These passionate individuals have taken it upon themselves to, at least virtually, create this community, allowing newcomers to thrive in the world of fitness. The platform will act as a fitness tracking app, a social media forum akin to Instagram, and an education center that is full of fitness professionals and documented techniques.

To build the fitness tracking portion of the app, the Body Ready platform will incorporate self-reported fitness data as well as hardware-driven uploading of data with tools like pedometers built to upload to the platform, streamlining the entire process. As for the social side of the app, users will be able to upload fitness pictures and videos and view a news feed from other users. This side of the platform truly creates a motivational community in which users can share their progress and cheer on the achievements of others.

As an additional source of sense of community, Body Ready will employ local personal trainers to be available for nearby Body Ready users in a way similar to Uber's driver employment program. This practice alongside a database of exercises and recipes makes Body Ready a valuable education asset as well as a motivational platform.

Sadly, creating a platform this broad is no simple or cheap task. To remedy this issue, Body Ready has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can receive anything from a water bottle to a step counter, to advertising opportunities. With this support, Body Ready hopes to motivate and train two million people across the country within one and a half years of its launch.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.