Introducing Climate Fest, the New Nonstop Event Platform Created to Support the Fight Against Climate Change


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2018 --In Kind, an online platform focused on motivating positive solutions to today's problems is launching the groundbreaking event platform, Climate Fest, to raise ongoing funds for the fight against climate change. Recognizing the dire need for society to take more impactful actions in order to prevent the predicted catastrophic effects of climate change, the team behind In Kind is ready to use their talents and experience to create multi-city fundraising events, both live and online. Climate Fest will be an ongoing effort to raise money directly for action-oriented environmental nonprofits, thus empowering those organizations that are on the front lines, actively working to protect the environment and build solutions that can foster a sustainable future.

Climate Fest will plan, promote, and host music festivals across the country, as well as events such as film screenings, food and drink events, live podcasts and more. All profits from the events will be donated to environmental nonprofits such as the Solar Foundation, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Ocean Conservancy.

Not only will Climate Fest events support these high impactful organizations, but the event platform will also give people a way to get involved and learn more about environmental initiatives. It will inspire a greater collective effort against climate change. "The more engaged all of society is, the more effective every positive step an individual, organization, or whole community makes will be. We're all in this together," says [spokesperson for/founder of Climate Fest].

The first Climate Fest event will be held in Chicago, Illinois at an already secured location in the Wicker Park neighborhood, with the date and time to be announced. The creators behind Climate Fest have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help raise funds for this event, and for future events, as well as to help further organize the event platform. Anyone interested can visit the Climate Fest Kickstarter page to contribute and support Climate Fest, and to take advantage of great perks like early bird event tickets, sticker packs, and a Climate Fest t-shirt.

Proceeds from the Chicago event will then be used to raise money for the Climate Fest platform to host the next events in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and other cities. The goal is to regularly host events in cities across the US, and eventually around the globe, in order to make a big impact, fighting climate change and motivating more people to take positive actions even beyond Climate Fest events.

To learn more, visit the Climate Fest Kickstarter page or the Climate Fest website.