Introducing ClothesMake, the Center for Hand-Crafted Custom Menswear

In the ever more industrialized world, it is hard for the common man to find something that fits like it was made for them. Here to help is a new online platform named ClothesMake.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2017 --Menswear is an important part of the life of any man. Wearing a well-crafted suit or simply a button down shirt is essential for various occasions ranging from formal ceremonies to a nice dinner out. What's more is that at these more formal occasions, the impressions made by the attendees are generally more important, so it is vital that the attendees look their best. Here to help in this regard is an up and coming company named ClothesMake, combining nascent technology with fine tailoring to produce brilliant and custom clothing creations.

The great thing about ClothesMake is that every process in the creation of a suit or dress shirt is done with the finest quality by the hands of expert craftsmen, yet the prices are set to be affordable for all. Additionally, everything is custom made, a nicety that is typically associated with tailors that no one can afford to hire. Users of the ClothesMake platform have full control over their product. When measurements and sizings into the ClothesMake website, every product purchased is sure to fit.

Aside from simply the size of the suit, ClothesMake users are able to customize a variety of other points. The suit fabric is a major example. Clients can pick from a plethora of fabrics, organized by color and level of formality, to find the texture and style that they feel will be the best fit. Clients can even go so far as to pick the fabric that lines the interior of the suit, a custom work of embroidery, and the style of buttons that are attached. Additionally, pocket styles, button counts, cuff styles, lapel designs, and more are all able to be customized by the user when designing their suit. In this way, every client of ClothesMake is able to design and wear an item that is completely one of a kind, preventing that awkward situation of encountering a matching suit.

But ClothesMake understands that all of these decisions put a lot of responsibility on the client to create a fashionable suit. To help make the process easier, ClothesMake has created a default layout to serve as a starting base for its clients as well as visualizer to go along with the customization process, allowing clients to preview the product. As a result, ClothesMake is so sure that their clients will love their products that all ClothesMake products come with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Today, ClothesMake is opening their product line up for pre orders on Indiegogo as they built their infrastructure. Those interested are encouraged to take advantage of the massive discounts of over fifty percent off available while the Indiegogo campaign is live for this brief one month period.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.