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Introducing Coaching Wall: A New Alternative to Private Coaching


Orange, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2014 --It is always heartening to see a young athlete get into sports. Whether they’re interested in football, baseball, basketball or maybe extreme sports, it makes parents doubly proud watching them score a goal, hit a homerun, cross the finish line first or just run around the playing field in those cute little uniforms. However, giving young athletes an extra advantage in their chosen sport can often be very expensive as well as time consuming. A personal coach or trainer could charge parents hundreds, even thousands of dollars just to give an athlete the requisite training and coaching that might give them an edge in any given sport.

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has given parents with sports-minded kids a much better and cheaper option. Now instead of spending a fortune on a private coach, Coaching Wall has made it possible for young athletes to get better, high school athletes to get recruited and extreme sports athletes to get sponsored for a fraction of that cost. Coaching Wall allows young athletes to have access to what is essentially an online, personalized, private wall filled with interactive tabs. This allows each athlete to essentially start building their very own sports portfolio. Coaching Walls members can access a wide range of training materials such as instructional videos, monthly goal setting, brain exercises, stat tracking and more. Coaching Wall believes that it provides a benefit for every athlete ranging from ages 5 through 18.

Coaching Wall also believes it has met a major need pertaining to high school athletes. Coaching Wall seems to be able to give high school athletes an advantage when it comes to getting recruited. Coaching Wall accomplishes this by creating a recruitment tab inside every Coaching Wall. This tab allows parents and student-athletes to fill in their recruitment page with highlight videos as well as other pertinent information relevant to college coaches. Once complete, college coaches inside Coaching Wall’s network can now access these recruitment pages for potential scholarships. Parents can also send their student- athletes recruitment page to any college coach in the nation at the mere push of a button. This makes it possible for parents to expose their student-athlete to colleges and get on their radar.

Extreme sport athletes also seem to benefit from this same technology. Coaching Wall has placed a sponsorship tab on every Coaching Wall. Once complete, the athlete’s sponsorship page can be sent to local and national business in hopes of receiving sponsorships. What about sports leagues and coaches? It seems like Coaching Wall thought of something for them as well. Each Coaching Wall has team and fundraising pages. Here sports coaches can create team pages that can be shared with team members and parents. These team pages include team pictures, snack and game schedules, practice video sections and a stats section that can be downloaded at season’s end and distributed to team members. Sports leagues now have fundraising alternatives with Coaching Wall’s fundraising tab as opposed to the traditional candy sales and car washes.

Contact: Martin Esqueda
Company: Coaching Wall