Introducing Dance Battle, the Fast Finger Dueling App

Music is an integral part of community. From rhythmic hymns to hip-hop beats, music enthralls. Here to build on that notion is Dance Battle, an emulates dance duels with stunning graphics.


Lausanne, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2016 --The past six decades have seen a massive evolution of music. The conservative values that hold music to conformity have been broken down. As a result Jazz, Electro, Swing, Hip-Hop, and more music genres were born. To pay homage to this diversity of music, D&F TwinsProd have engineered a new app titled Dance Battle to facilitate virtual dance duels. With Dance Battle users have the ability to battle their friends in a dance-off at their fingertips. The action is fast-paced, competitive, and requires a diverse skill set just like real-life dance battles.

To add to this realism, the Dance Battle app has incorporated cutting-edge technology into its graphics. Through Creaform's Go!SCAN50, the Dance Battle app is able to include realistic three-dimensional models in the game. This technology allows a deeper sense of immersion while creating epic dancing renditions, perfect for wowing spectators. Another piece of tech incorporated into the design of the game is the Xsens MVN Awinda MoCap. This innovation allows the developers to track motions of dancers and upload these motions into the game, resulting in more life-like motion. These are the key innovations that were needed to bring the dream of this game into reality.

The game starts with the decision of who to play as. Players can select from ten acclaimed dancers including Bboy Neguin (BRA), Majid (GER), Mamson (FRA), and more. To augment this diversity, each dancer has their own unique style, adding a touch of personality to the gameplay. The Dance Battle app also includes over one hundred tracks, ensuring that users can battle to their favorite beats. What's more is that new content will continuously be added to the game. The gameplay itself is made of tapping fingers in a flurry of motions on a grid. The squares in the grid are highlighted in a rhythmic sequence, indicating when the player needs to tap each one. Sadly, a project with this much content needs funding to be completed. So the Dance Battle team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Donators will be rewarded with anything from a premium version of the game with bonus content to a meeting with the producers along with a VIP version of the game. With these values of quality, diversity, and uniqueness of gameplay alongside the support of readers, the Dance Battle app will surely top the charts.

To learn more or support the creation of Dance Battle visit the Kickstarter campaign page.