Introducing EnergySac, the Solar-Powered Smart Backpack

Today, the world is moving faster than ever. To accommodate this trend, people have been taking their technology on the go. Here to help is the EnergySac, the smartest backpack around.


Chennai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/25/2016 --Everyone from elementary school students, to business professionals, to engineers use backpacks as a part of their daily routine. They are essential to keeping everything accessible and organized. For the things like communication that are less tangible than a notebook, but equally important, there are smart phones. What's more is that other important technology like tablets and laptops are often carried around on separate cases. The EnergySac is here to keep and organize all of these vital objects in a single backpack. With a variety of charging options, a solar panel, and more, the EnergySac has made itself the smartest backpack in the world, perfect for leading an efficient and organized life in the modern world.

The EnergySac is the perfect blend between form and function. Its functionality stems from its electric and physical capacity. By generating its own power through a highly-efficient, third-generation, solar panel, the EnergySac is able to power three USB ports. These ports are compatible with any device and are ideal for charging both Android and Apple devices. What's more is that the backpack includes a built-in GPS tracker, so no one will ever have their EnergySac lost or stolen. As a side benefit, the GPS tracker can act as a safety device for the backpackers out there who occasionally find themselves stranded.

The physical capacity of the backpack is also impressive. Each slot in the backpack serves a specific purpose, making it incredibly efficient. The EnergySac features a stationary compartment, design to hold any notebooks, writing utensils, and binders a person might need. Also included are a laptop compartment, credit card holder, key organizer, and a water bottle holder. Additionally, the EnergySac is built of the finest materials. A Jacquard nylon mesh provides a virtually indestructible structure for the bag while sandwich mesh prevents sweat from accumulating. The result is an insanely comfortable design with durability to last a lifetime.

But the EnergySac design team focused on more than just the functionality of the backpack. They also wanted to produce a product that embraces modern style, making it appropriate for the workplaces as well as learning environments. Sadly, a product as revolutionary as this one requires capital to produce. To remedy this issue, the EnergySac design team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which was recently fully funded. For a limit time those are able to pre-order an EnergySac for the early adopter discounted price. Those interested are encouraged to take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.