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Introducing Handmade Luxury Metal Fine Art from Xene Gallery

Unique Historical Persian Metal Sculptures and Statues.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2021 --Designer accessories and unique decor pieces can enhance any space. From exclusive lighting fixtures and rugs to handmade frames and mirrors, each of them can add the perfect finishing touch to your dream home. However, if you are looking for something really special, let us draw your attention to the amazing luxury sculptures and statues from Xene Gallery

Xene Gallery(Xene Ltd) is a UK based company specializing in producing metal works of art. Initially founded by a family of master craftsmen in Iran (Persia), it has more than 100 years of experience in building luxury sculptures and statues of any kind. The materials used by Xene Gallery specialists are diverse, ranging from gold and silver to steel and copper. Plus, they can combine different materials to create unique artistic pieces according to the client's requirements and wishes.

What makes Xene Gallery stand out from many other companies is that all sculptures and statues are completely made by hand, without metal casting and modern tools. Master craftsmen use traditional techniques and always work with admirable precision and care. Besides, every order can be customized with the engraving, gold paint, or silvering, so you are free to choose the design you like. Overall, Xene Gallery can make everything that is in your mind, including highly complicated luxury sculptures and statues up to 3 meters in height.

In addition to designing and building metal artworks, some of which take tens of thousands of working hours, Xene Gallery offers various options to customize the order. These include silvering, gold painting, engraving, and more. Overall, whatever the idea you have, Xene Gallery experts can make it happen for you. As for the prices, they usually start from $2,000 for a small piece of art and range up to $1,000,000 for a large metal sculpture or statue that is made of or covered with gold.

Xene Gallery is, without a doubt, one of the leaders in producing unique luxury metals sculptures and status home accessories, with higher standards continuously being introduced. The company has representatives in the United Kingdom and the United States, serving its valued clients with the finest customer service and top quality handmade products. Whether you are looking for a special gift for your loved one or want to add a sophisticated touch to your home, Xene Gallery is the right place to come for luxurious metal art of any kind.

About Xene Gallery (Xene Ltd)
Xene Gallery is a UK company formed by a family in Persia with a history of more than 100 years in unique Fine Art Metal HandWorks.

We have been building various luxury sculptures and status by Gold and Silver over the years. Gold, copper, steel or silver can be shaped as wax in the hands of our artists !

The beautiful, artistic combination of different metals, which each one is different from one another, and each statue is unique to itself as all works are COMPLETELY HANDMADE without using any modern tools or EVEN metal casting.