Introducing Hinoki Aroma Cards, the Soothing Keepsake

These days the world can be a stressful place, so every once in awhile it is important to take a step back and appreciate the senses. Here to let people do just that are Hinoki Aroma Cards.


Tokyo, Japan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2016 --In the modern world, the importance of the olfactory sense is quickly becoming apparent after decades of seeming to be one of the less useful senses. The sensation of smell is used in an array of settings ranging from aromatherapy baths to memory-repairing Alzheimer's therapy. Certain smells are perfect for relaxing the mind, increasing awareness, and even recalling special times. Here to help expand on this idea by enhancing the olfactory sense and unlocking a sixth sense of mindfulness is a new product, Hinoki Aroma Cards. These little cards are perfectly thin enough to be carried around, ensuring that pleasant and relaxing smells are always just an arm's length away.

The Hinoki Aroma Cards are designed to smell like a traditional Japanese tatami room. These rooms are naturally relaxing and places of absolute peace that are integral to Japanese culture. And anyone who has experienced Japan will instantly recognize the smell as both organically Japanese and incredibly relaxing. The scent itself stems from hinoki cypress, a high-end and native Japanese building material that is used in fine craftsmanship, giving the aroma cards a sense of quality.

To augment the effect of the Hinoki Aroma Cards, each card is laser embossed with a special message. This embossed text is shallow enough to not be obtrusive, yet deep enough to be noticeable, providing the cards with a pleasant and subtle aesthetic. What's more is that there are a variety of texts to choose from as well as the option to order a Hinoki Aroma Card with custom text. However, the nature of the card lends itself to relaxing idiomatic sayings as well as haikus and other poetic sayings. Some of the texts available are yo-ji-juku-go, which are cryptic super-compressed messages of wisdom. The messages are so profound other inspirational quotes simply pale in comparison. Pausing throughout the day, taking a Hinoki card out of a wallet, enjoying its scent, and reading the deep, inscribed message, will be sure to relax and rebalance anyone. But the Hinoki cards are not only relaxing. Reading the yo-ji-juku-go 4 ideogram proverb helps you to focus and works motivational.

Each card is crafted of genuine Japanese wood laminated on "washi" rice paper. This thin design is then soaked by Hinoki oil, giving the cards their namesake scent. As a side benefit, the size is perfect for allowing the Hinoki Aroma Cards to act as lux business cards, fitting into any wallet.

To bring the Hinoki Aroma Cards to the world, Iacopo torrini, an Italian architect working in japan for 18 years, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Supporters will receive a set of six Hinoki Aroma Cards for the price of five as a reward for their contribution. With the support of readers, these aromatic cards will serve to sooth people around the world.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.