Introducing HipStar, a Revolutionary New Type of Travel Cart


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2017 --ART MATRIX, LLC is developing a new type of travel cart designed to handle tough terrain and reduce carrying weight by over 90% while hiking and traveling. This new cart, called HipStar™, was designed to overcome the weaknesses of traditional wheeled luggage carts, which must be rolled across smooth surfaces in order for the wheels to function properly.

In contrast, HipStar™ features large wheels that are built to roll smoothly over uneven ground, completely hands-free, making it suitable for long treks in the outdoors.

The cart is collapsible, allowing hikers to use it as a cart or to fold it up and wear it like a normal backpack while climbing, crossing rivers, or traversing over large rocks. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, the HipStar™ allows users to travel for longer periods of time without having to sacrifice any important gear.

Speaking of gear, one of the most innovative features of HipStar™ reduces a typical hiker's 30-40 pounds of gear to about 2.5-3.5 pounds of perceived weight while towing the cart. And the freedom to move the weight off your back, onto the ground, and attach it to the user via a belt harness, means that you can break into a run and have the cart follow you - all while preserving the "anti-gravity" effect that makes your gear feel practically weightless.

Another distinctive feature is a near total lack of disturbing inertial "push-and- pulls" generated by the hiker when walking due to well-formed combination of the harness' design, consisting of an adjustable belt and straps, and the two-way shock absorber rods, allowing for smooth movement, or even running, for long distance.

The HipStar™ will be available in light, medium, and heavy-duty versions to accommodate all categories of users. The heavy-duty version can even be used for military applications, towing up to 80 pounds of weight with only about 8 pounds of force required.

All versions of the cart are adjustable in height and width to accommodate users of all sizes. The cart's tow bars also adjust in length to ensure that the user's heels do not hit the cart while walking or even running.

The HipStar™ Kickstarter campaign:, just launched and has a target length of 40 days. The funds raised will go towards finalizing the prototype and fine-tuning the product design. Then, initial inventory will be produced and delivered to various points of sale. Lastly, funds will go towards branding and marketing efforts.

The very early backers ("super early birds") will receive a HipStar™ at 40% off MSRP as soon as the product is released to the public. For an additional $30 they will receive free customization, with their name put on the product when purchased. They will be also the first to be notified about new product releases from the brand.

"The idea for HipStar came in 2014 as I was traveling across Europe on business and later with my family. Between the three of us, we had one backpack to carry all of our things. There was so much to see, but after half a day's worth of walking around, all I could think about was how the straps of my heavy bag were digging into my shoulders. I only wish I had a companion who would carry all of our stuff for us and never get tired. No matter where and how you travel, even a light backpack begins to weigh as much as a few bricks. You get tired. You get impatient. You waste half your day dealing with back pain. All because there's no other way to carry your stuff other than on your back. What about seniors or people with back problems? They are even more affected by carrying weight around. Doesn't matter if it's light or heavy. That's when the idea for the HipStar was born: a back-free, hands-free light collapsible travel cart that makes it easy to move heavy items over any type of terrain with little effort, literally doing the heavy lifting for you, and can be used as a backpack (or even a bike trailer!) if needed! We are convinced that the HipStar™ will be very successful because it solves a basic problem that millions of travelers, hikers, and adventure seekers face. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed to make HipStar available to millions of people who are looking for a versatile and effective companion while they are on the go".

Igor Koshutin, CEO and founder.

Anyone who is interested may go directly to The HipStar™ Kickstarter campaign: and HipStar website (hit green PRE-ORDER button).

You can find lots of videos, images gallery, testimonials, and very detailed information about HipStar™.