Introducing Infantry's Eagle Watch, Pairing Quality and Affordability

The Christmas shopping season is just around the corner. In accordance, Infantry has launched its latest sleek and innovative creation: the Infantry Co. Eagle Watch.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --Everyone knows time is money, so it would seem ridiculous to spend a gargantuan amount of money on just keeping time. Still, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a watch that is stylish, accurate, and affordable. Here to help remedy this issue is the Infantry Co. Eagle Watch, inspired by the dashboard of an F-15 Jet dashboard. This design influence gives the watch a unique and powerful look while providing many more tools than the typical watch. Additionally, all Eagle Watches pre-ordered before November 27th will be sold at a discount and are guaranteed to ship in time for Christmas, making the watch the perfect present for any warcraft enthusiast.

To get a better understanding of the Eagle Watch, one needs to look at the functionality included within the device. Most notably, the watch is powered with Seiko movement technology, ensuring that time telling is both smooth and accurate. This movement powers clock one, the analog clock, but the Eagle Watch also includes a second clock, clock two, to tell time digitally. As a side benefit, users are able to set clock two independently from clock one, allowing the tracking of multiple time zones. Also included are a digital chronograph with lap tracking capability, watch lighting, and an alarm system.

Aside from simply function stands the form of the watch. The Eagle Watch is forty-six by forty-six millimeters, giving it a strong, yet calculated look. The watch is surrounded by a black metal case, protecting the mechanism while adding to the militant look. And to pay homage to the inspiration of the Eagle Watch, a depiction of a F-15 Jet is engraved on the wrist-facing side of the watch. With this melding of form and function, the Infantry Co. Eagle Watch was fully funded on Kickstarter in under two days. The crowdfunding campaign will continue through November 27th offering discounted prices. Although the five thousand dollar goal has been met, any additional funding or word-of-mouth advertisement is greatly appreciated, so much so that ten watches are available for giveaway to anyone using the hashtag #infantrykickstarter.

About Infantry Co.
Infantry Co. was founded in 2011 by a team designers with a hunger for adventure. The Infantry team hopes to embody this passion in all of their designs. Today Infantry Co. is an acclaimed accessory design company thanks to a dedication to every customer. To this end all Eagle Watches will come with a two-year warranty.

To learn more or support the Eagle Watch visit the Kickstarter campaign page.